Tea and Tombstones

**Tarot and spiritual counsel through the comforting and the unknown**

Moon-child. Tarot reader. Wolf-spirit. Witch.

This small corner of intimate creation is focused on divine fortitude and spiritual vigor. As we walk with the cards through the shadow and the sunshine, we are called into our sense of being. Through tarot intention, we are called to awaken ourselves to growth and vibrancy.

Tea and Tombstones was built to house the spiritual passage of those who brave the journey while seeking the underbelly of truth. It remains a place to charge yourself with an ally and accomplice- me and the cards.

If you are seeking something; if you feel that something is seeking you, and you wish to go deeper into the energies that lay before, and within you, let’s work together. My tarot readings are designed to tap into your potency, and unravel both the blessings and the challenges. My readings come from the lens of spiritual and wholesome discovery, but they do not substitute medical counsel.

If you would like to get a deeper grasp upon my story, click here. My readings range in price based upon the number of cards in the spread. My readings are intended to be an awakening and a deepening- based upon my intuitive and honest insight into the cards. If you like what you have read, but you still have some questions- send them to teaandtombstones@gmail.com. I am happy to consult with you before a reading purchase. If you would like to go further, please read my Policies and Code of Ethics. These are the skeleton of my platform, and are the binding boundaries of what I can, and will, offer. I hope to work with you. Stay wild wolfling!

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