Hello there wildling!

Welcome to this wild space where the howls ring in the night, and the magick is called home into the skin.

Everything I offer with Tea and Tombstones is rooted in the sacred gifts of tarot invitations, witchcraft as a voice and ritual, and wild sovereignty to root it all into the altar of the land.

My mission is to help you root into nourishment through the haunted darkness and claim your hallowed ground through tarot education, spell-crafting, spiritual coaching, and nature-based practices.

The sacred act of centering through tarot means everything to me, because it was the tarot that made me come home to myself. Through that beautiful breakdown and breakthrough, I was reborn, more at home in the wild ecology of my skin than ever before. In the circle of the tarot, may you and I connect to the same wild places and leverage light and shadow together.

My Services

Graphic design

Coaching sessions without the cards

Art direction

Tarot readings centered in wild reclamation and spiritual sovereignty

Brand strategy

Handmade creations for ritual and life

I hope to sit in the wild places of the spirit with you!

You can check out the full store at the Store and Services page. Please read through my Policies and Code of Ethics before making a purchase to make sure we are both in connection, going forward. 

If you like my work, and want to connect with more of me, you can listen and review the podcast, or join in connection on Patreon.

XOXO, Ashlie


I wish to acknowledge and honor that Tea and Tombstones resides on traditional Ute, Cheyenne, Arapahoe, and Sioux land. With the deepest respect to these tribes, the two federally recognized tribes (Southern Ute Indian Tribe and the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe), and the 200 contemporary tribes that reside in the Denver Metro Area. Click here to read the Treaty of Fort Laramie to establish an Indian Peace Commission, and the unlawful confiscation of the Black Hills.