I am the tarot reader who doesn’t tell your fortune.

**Tarot is the fertilizer, and you are the lush garden. Tarot will give you                                    some oomph, but you plant what you desire to grow.**


  • Through action, we can create an outline for your desired outcomes.
  • I honor your sacred rebel. Your reading is focused on you.
  • I hold the torch while you search for your inner treasures.
  • This isn’t a Pollyanna parlor trick. Tarot analyzes both the empowering and the challenging.



Animal Spirit cover picture
From one to multiple cards, we will explore the varying energies, and how the metaphor extrapolates to real relationships, real situations, and potential affects.

Check out the SPREADS tab to see what current options are available. My Code of Ethics are my guidelines on what I can deliver in each reading. My blog is where my tarot thoughts are housed, and the About tab will tell you a little more about me, and how I work with and view the tarot.

Do you have a question about the tarot, my reading style, or how the tarot can help you? Fill out the contact form, and I will respond to you within 24 hours.