Welcome, dear spirit

This small corner of intimate creation is focused on divine fortitude and spiritual vigor. As we walk with the cards through the shadow and the sunshine, we are called into our sense of being. Through tarot intention, we are called to awaken ourselves to growth and vibrancy.

Tea and Tombstones was built at a time when my foundation was crumbling, which meant all that housed me moved with the smallest breath of air. It was the tarot that found me, that zippered up my spine. Now, my work honors the messy charge of being a spiritual being in a human body. Through the cards, I walk with you on the sacred path of messy vulnerability. We drink in the darkness and toast the light.

My tarot readings are designed to tap into your potency, and cradle both the blessings and the challenges. My readings are honest- we work with the hauntings at play as well as the hallowed ground of soul-center to tap into your potency That is the only way to build the foundation. The world is filled with shadows- tombstones moments- that descend down in chaos or storm. However, there is always a blooming within- warm like tea- to encourage your fierce, nourishing sovereignty

If you like what you have read, let’s work together! Have questions? No worries dear spirit- send them to teaandtombstones@gmail.com. I am happy to consult with you before a reading purchase. If you are ready to commit to going deeper, please read over my Policies and Code of Ethics. My readings open the window of spiritual and wholesome discovery, but they cannot substitute standard medical healing. Please consult the proper professionals for these needs.

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