A Step towards the Other Side

                The paranormal world has held my attention for years. It may be cliché, but some of my first exposure into this realm was through Edgar Allen Poe. I was much younger and didn’t know the true scope of this reality, but I started reading his poetry and I haven’t stopped. Of course Poe is just the tip of the iceberg. My curiosity in ghost stories and hauntings has not waivered, and I find calmness in cemeteries.

                  If you share this kindred spirit, you are aware that most people do not. Many people can be judgmental or sarcastic. They use labels like: weird, stupid, creepy, or even satanic. I could spend countless hours explaining the flaws behind these labels. Instead, I will share my story with you, and how I got here.

                Please keep in mind that I am not an expert. This post is my metaphorical first step. Many people know and do much more than me in this world of shadows. My main reason for starting this blog is the search itself. My interests have always been there. I have dealt with loss in small amounts, but I have always felt different. I have struggled with depression and anxiety. I have felt like an outsider in most situations.

                I am aware that through social media, and the nature of our culture, feeling different is the new normal. I am merely referencing the fact that because of this deep- rooted feeling from my childhood, I have found comfort in these interests.

                Lately, I have been feeling anxious. There is a pressing need inside me to “find” something. What that is, I still do not fully know. I started volunteering. I have a job. I am in book clubs and just started playing Dungeons and Dragons. All of these have been helpful, but this need is still there. For weeks I have carried this question, heavy and cumbersome in a society that throws happiness around like a hacky sack.

                One day the thought came to me to become a ghost hunter. At first I thought it was funny, almost a thought that never fully formed. While I am not in a space to try and find any proof of spirits yet, I realized that I have overlooked these interests. They could be the puzzle piece that I have been trying to find. I have walked in cemeteries for the sheer stillness. There is a connection and a history that is not even mine.

                This search is merely to find more and feel whole. I am sharing this because this is a new journey, and I know that I am not alone. I want this to be a space where I share my experiences, the stories of others, and a connection to a natural cycle in life. This will not be a place for judgment, yet skepticism is completely tolerated. This is a world of shadows and mysteries. No matter what level of the ladder each of us is on, respect comes first.

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