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Card of the Week: 5 of Cups

5-of-cups Every Monday I want to do a Card of the Week. I want this series to be open, but informative to energy that can be helpful, or a hindrance. Please share any thoughts or questions about this card, or what it means in looking ahead for the week.

The first card in this weekly series is the 5 of cups. This is perhaps not the most inspiring card to begin the week, but there is a lot that can be gained from this cup, and understanding the energy behind it. With this card there is disillusionment, depression, a feeling of loss, or focus on the negative aspects in life.

This card speaks to what every person feels in life at some point. It is not always a joyful ride. With joy comes grief, with changes come emotional turmoil, with relationships comes setbacks or breakups. There is so much going on in the world politically, socially, and individually. It is normal to feel the weight of changes and uncertainties. Human are messy creatures that can hurt or be hurt. Hurt comes in many forms. Even just this time of year brings out a sense of isolation and solitude.

What can be gained from this card is a personal, emotional check- in. If these feelings are present, the best thing right now can be restraint and reflection. Hasty decisions can make situations worse. It is ok to disengage. It is ok to say not right now, and it is ok to sit with these emotions for a while before reaching conclusions.

I tend to be an impulsive person. When I feel depressed by a situation I instantly feel the need to fix it. When I see, read, or hear things that I upset me I immediately feel the need to be a change and part of the solution. This cycle can be exhausting and if it doesn’t immediately happens (which is rarely does) I get anxious or depressed. This card reminds me to take a step back, and disengage for a while.

Pulling this card today reminds me that energy is cyclical, but actions don’t have to be. This time of year, whether it is the holidays, the election, or the general nature of things, is already a hard time. Focus on what is positive, and what deserves that positive energy. Expectations and actions can be improved. Reflect and move forward when the time is right.


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3 thoughts on “Card of the Week: 5 of Cups

  1. Aho sister! It’s a good reminder that grief and loss are not emotions to ‘fix’ and ‘solve’ right away. Sitting in them and letting them teach you what you need to let go of before opening the next door is important. Although it can be very easy to get stuck there. At least in the Rider Waite deck, there is an aspect of ‘crying over spilt milk.’ Sometimes it can be a reminder to shake things up. Either way, the status quo is changing or needs to be changed. I love the artwork in the deck. Horses are very symbolic of movement. He looks like he just wait for the storm to pass.

    1. Agreed!! At first I struggled to see the comparison between the Rider Waite deck and Kim Krans 5 of cups. A contained (or unmoving) horse is limited. Those limitations could be anything. Once the limitation lifts, the wild energy is free to move.

  2. I love this! Sometimes it is best to silence the negative emotions so that the positive light can shine through. Thank you for sharing this!

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