The energy to focus on last week was self-investment and even perhaps self-preservation. Now that some of that energy has worked itself through the mind, body, and spirit the energy shifts now to the Reversed 6 of cups. Upright, the six of cups represents the young and wild parts of our lives. The parts that are illuminated in golden fondness and possibility.

Reversed the 6 of cups reminds us that we cannot live off these memories alone. It would be wonderful to relive all the happy moments, especially when the energy is in a self-preservation state from last week. Obviously, this is no way to live. It is one thing to remember happy times; it is hindering to completely co-exist in memories alone. There is no room for growth, or for new experiences.

It can be easy, especially during the dark cycle of the year, to crawl into our shells, safe in our confinment. At best this can create a rut that is hard to break. At worst it can create childish expectations that people and situations are doomed to fail, and the cycle starts all over. There may be challenges or upsets left over from the previous week, or longer, but discipline can help achieve a better situation or state of mind.

To combat this energy, the reversed 6 of cups can be a call to action. This card can be seen as a warning that even during this dark part of the year, it is necessary to move forward in small ways so we do not get stuck in the past. Meeting new friends, taking up a new hobby, or reading a new book can be great ways to move forward.

This time of the year I feel an urge to clean and smudge my home. I may not be attempting huge creations in my life, but a clean home, free of negative energy keeps me grounded and free to focus on other things. (I have a previous post on smudging that can be a helpful read.)

Tomorrow, the Full Moon will be in Gemini and the Sun in Sagittarius. These can be seen as polar opposites, but to me there is some freedom in that. The moon in Gemini focuses on contentment with things as they are. This is to say, security. The Sun in Sagittarius helps give energy on expansion. Right now, with this card and the polarizing energy in the planets it is a good time to invest in things that help shake the dust off of our hearts, but keeps us grounded from moving forward full speed. Find balance above all else.

If you have any suggestions or comments on what helps you with this energy please share. If you have questions, please ask. Be safe and be fierce friends.


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  1. I love how the more colorful tree lies beneath the surface. With it reversed it’s like exposing the things you could be keeping for yourself. I think your right with the warning interpretation. It could be a sign to move forward and let go from the feelings and associations that may or may not be serving.

  2. 6 is about family, nurturing, beauty etc. a creative number and in the middle of the 9 cycle. I can see why this would bring up cleaning and clearing your home.

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