Don’t these talking monkeys know that
Eden has enough to go around?
Plenty in this holy garden, silly monkeys,
Where there’s one you’re bound to divide it.
Right in two. – TOOL


This week the card to focus on is the Mother Of Pentacles (or Queen in other decks). Honestly, I feel like this card came at the perfect time. The Mother of Pentacles is the original mother, or Mother Earth. Here, the mother is pictured as a doe, her fawn curled into her side. The physical realm is alive, mystical, but always vulnerable.

This year is slowly falling into its coffin, the lid drawing in the darkness. A shared feeling is that this year has been particularly hard, and emotionally shaky. Energy to combat these feelings is to nurture with physical energy. It can be easy with Christmas coming to focus on gifts, and material accumulation.

There is nothing wrong with gift giving, or getting in the holiday spirit, but do not lose sight of what is important. Home, family, friends, and investing in the greater good is where this energy will reap rewards that last. Do not confuse consumerism with love. If anything is true about Mother Earth it is: we are all connected. If you are at all concerned with what is happening right now in the world, what can you do to be a light towards the cause?

The Mother of Pentacles also suggest in maintaining a balance between work and home. Each of these are needed, but one in excess can create dysfunction. The underlying theme, in my opinion, is boundaries. This rings true for me right now. I work a lot, and I enjoy my job. However, sometimes I come home and I feel like I have nothing left to give. This week, my goal is find balance and boundaries between work and home.

Moving forward, focus on pragmatism, self awareness, and discipline. Set physical tasks, and follow through. Focus on the physical space, and exercise actions that help shape that space to fit your needs. Independence is needed; a strong mind and a fearless voice reach far. Also, focus on taking care of yourself. Drink more water and tea, move your body, eat good food with good friends, and create your safe space. Now, create harmony for yourself, and those around you.

Let me know how this card soaks into your fabric, and what is successful for you. Follow and share your thoughts or questions. The new year is coming soon. Be kind and be fearless.



Some further tips (these are just tips, if there is something else you find useful, go for it):

Colors: Orange or Yellow are helpful for me in association with this card.

Scents: Lavender is popular. I personally can’t stand lavender, so I opt for evergreen or eucalyptus. Lemon and orange and vanilla are also helpful.

Animal Spirits: bunnybear





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  1. Wow, that definitely strikes a chord with me in so many ways. This year has been hard, extremely hard causing the balance of everything to be off center. I’m struggling to create the harmony and this is a good reminder to work harder at that.

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