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“We’ll get sad it’s time we’ve come to the end
We’ve circled around our doom
And I won’t stop, not till I get what I want
And all that I want is you
In a strange place
When the sun goes down, we move
Into a strange phase
Like we’ve got nothing left to lose.” ~ +++CROSSES
Sorry for the day delay. I should start this blog by telling you how I choose the card of the week. I do a reading and afterwards I pull a card without reshuffling the deck. I do this because I want to be mindful that my energy is a part of something more, and contributes to the larger picture.
The energy for this week will be an upheaval. Good energy or bad, the amount will be the same. The 10 of swords forces us to pull apart our stitching and see what lies underneath. The image alone conjures a sense of trepidation. A bull has nine swords embedded in the back and sides, and one that penetrates through the eyes. On the surface, this would seem to indicate that something important has been lost.
I find a deeper meaning with the 10th sword. The eyesight is lost, and the bull has suffered, but now the focus must shift. Obi- Wan Kenobi tells Luke  in A NEW HOPE that eyes can deceive, and to not trust them.The dependence on the visuals can lead to assumptions or impulsiveness. Visually, we take so much in that our core can become overloaded, but by turning inwards to the core, there is a lot to learn and reveal.
This is the hard part. It can become uncomfortable, even ugly, but that is how a new cycle begins. There is a lot of ugliness in the world, but through resilience we can shed a little light on ourselves. Purge what is hurtful, toxic, and even shallow. It is impossible to fix everything, but draw from the previous weeks of sitting still and nurturing. Find clarity and discipline.
There will be more tough times, and the bottom may be the foundation, but strength in this moment is a weapon down the road.
Further tips (just tips, find what works for you):
Colors: Orange, white and black.
Scents: Frankincense, lemon, and jasmine. These scents help bring clarity, and purge unwanted negative energy.


Animal Spirits: The raven represents deeper consciousness, and either a messenger or good or bad news. The buffalo historically represents survival.


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