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Running, end, earth, swimming, edge, sea, laughing, under, starry sky
This world was meant for me.
Don’t bury me, carry me.
I wish I was a nomad, an Indian, or a saint.
The edge of death would disappear, leave me nothing to taint.
I wish I was a nomad, an Indian, or a saint.
Give me walking shoes, feathered arms, and a key to heaven’s gate.
This world falls on me with hopes of immortality
Everywhere I turn all the beauty just keeps shaking me. ~Indigo Girls **World Falls**

Good evening, and happy new year! The beginning of the new year can bring many shifts, both pleasing and troubling. I find the new year to bring a huge void of energy. I find myself in a stupor for a few days, feeling more tired than liberated.

The first card to focus on this week is the reversed 9 of Pentacles.  Pentacles focus on materials, finances, and the physical realm. In the reversed position, this card speaks to over-indulgence or neglect in these, and other, areas. Working hard and money in the bank are necessities, but do not let the dollar amounts override your inner voice.

I chose the above quote because I feel this speaks to the need to focus on now what we have, but what we can do with it. Money is a blessing, and is needed here and now, but if overworked and unable to focus on that which we love, what good is it? If the inner- voice is saying to back away, to calm down, to unfold, no amount of money can change that if we don’t listen.

Prosperity is a word I have seen in numerous places lately. For a new year, prosperity brings a sense of change. Prosperity is so many things, and humans are so complex. Let’s find the many reasons that rings this word true. Do not let the burden you carry this year be the distance between your life and the things you love. Be mindful of what you need, and how you can achieve it.

For this week, the energy should shift into the deeper, and the sub-conscious. The materials possessions will be there, and they are precious in their own way, but do they carry us? Our material world and indulgence will not be the road where we find ourselves. Do not let a façade carve you.

Some further tips:

Color: Indigo and lavender

Stone: Garnet, Amber

Scents: Bayberry

Animal Spirit:

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