And every demon wants his pound of flesh

But I like to keep some things to myself

I like to keep my issues drawn

It’s always darkest before the dawn ~ Florence + the Machine

This week the energy is hung with hard work and accomplishments. Goals are stitched from the fabric of the daily grind and the discipline to keep going, but it still may not seem like the time to celebrate. This is the card that represents the climb we make to see the view. Once there we must shake the sweat and move again. We cannot stay.

This is the card that speaks to challenges and sacrifices. Neither is easy, but both are needed. The battles that are worth fighting for, will be the hardest ones to win. Other things will have to be handed back, but once the battle is won, life will never be the same. The victory will be sweet and transformative. New challenges will come, but this means new victories, and new goals.

This does not mean that each of us is at odds with our relationships, our jobs, our communities, or our world. This is not completely a tale of woe. It could mean that the load has fallen mostly on those willing, and others pick up the small pieces that were dropped in the effort to never let go. Don’t be either. Don’t be the person that is clenching tightly to responsibilities, and don’t be the person who idles behind. Above all, do not hold onto pride. If help can be given, give it. If help is needed, ask for it.

Obviously this card has a multitude of meaning. Depending on where it falls in a single reading, the meaning can change. For this week, this card shows us that with our goals and creative endeavors being met means that there is now more work. If this means weeks or hours, apply the same amount of work that is going to give balance. Let go of some of the burdens, but keep your spirits.

Tens are about completion, and new structures. Don’t be afraid to shed some responsibilities, people, or the status quo. We are not here to do all the work, but we are also not here to neglect the challenges to change us. I hope this reveals some things for the week ahead. Stay fearless!

Some further tips:

Colors: Red

Stones: Quartz and Jade

Spirit Animals:


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