I know this post is WAY overdue. I have been trying to get the pictures uploaded, and workable on to my computer, but more on that later. In 2016, Grizzly and I decided that each Halloween we would travel to some location known for it’s haunted and spooky nature. For our first trip, we only a needed a short drive up the mountain road to Estes Park, Colorado.

The Stanley Hotel still stands, a white legend in the mountainside. Infamous for the iconic movie The Shining, which is still one of the scariest movies I have seen to date, the Stanley had a haunted history before then. We did not stay at the Stanley for our whole trip. We stayed at a cozy (and much cheaper) lodge that had direct access to the river. We bought tickets months before to the Ghost Tour for November 1st (Halloween night was already sold out).



At first, I was just taken away by how beautiful the hotel was. The building, the mountain view, the old antique feel to all of it was incomparable. If I could be allowed, I would live in that building. We checked in and joined the group to begin the tour. The guide told us about the history of the hotel, and all its haunts. We were taken to some of the more “haunted rooms” and told about different spirits that roamed the many buildings on the property.

The ballroom is a building that was a favorite of Flora Stanley, the wife of Freelan O. Stanley. Over the years, it is said that a piano can be heard playing in the late hours of a dark night, when no one is the building. Here we noticed a perfumed smell on occasion, even when we were alone and not with the group. There was also a room in the ballroom where I got a strange feeling. It wasn’t a malicious or scary feeling, but it was heavy.


pictures 613 (2).jpg

After the ballroom, we were taken to the Lodge (or Stanley Manor). Here is where Freelan had a billiard room, and a lounge room. In the billiard room I was able to catch a moving orb! This the first orb I have captured myself. The weird part is that I didn’t see the orb with the naked eye, and when I tried to upload the picture from my phone to my computer, the pictures did not want to cooperate. They would not scale or rotate properly. These pictures are the first where I have experienced an orb personally!



In these three pictures the orb moved in the pictures, but was not seen by the naked eye.


I enjoyed the ghost tour, but I would like to take on more personal approaches to the paranormal. This, to me, was the equivalent of dipping my toes into the water. It was memorable, and deeper than just an experience. It tapped into my mind a door that is opening to different part of our world.

Until the next haunt . . .


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