I am sorry that I did not post last week with a card to focus on. Last week I had to take some time to focus on some work issues that have been causing me some stress. This post may be coming late into the evening, but it is here. This is card, in this position, brings some upheaval, but like the picture we can break through the fray.

On the surface, this card challenges us to take a step back, to adjust. The emotional turbulence right now is as strong as gravity, and can fit into something as small as a conversation. The energy is beseeching each person to find victories, but there are setbacks.

On a personal level, this card speaks to the potential delays. Perhaps more frustrating is that many of these delays are not ours to control. It is a hard fact that despite trying to be mindful and cooperative, we can leave ourselves open to a forceful strike, even friendly fire. We keep fighting, trying to set things right, but outcome is not hinged on one person alone.

In this space it can betray our intentions, and our energy. This card makes us channel the hours, words, and creative energy we have spent working towards singular and collective success, and weighs it against our self- image and even perhaps our self- worth. Do not let this be a deterrant. We cannot control others, but we can control how we respond. We can detach from the situation, we can focus on the other things around us that we can control. We can keep putting positive energy out, if it only is for the fact that we don’t want to be negative.

This card does seem to be an affirmation that we can only do what we can do. Keep doing it. If there is a delay, find ways to still be creative. If there is a conflict, seek fairness, but do not undo your strands of integrity. Never let anyone or anything keep you away from your momentum. Breathe. Breathe again.

Here are some further tips:

Scents: Ylang- Ylang, Jasmine, Eucalyptus

Colors: Pink and green

Stones: Jade and Aquamarine

Spirit animals:


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