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It is time for a breakthrough. As the week cracks away like a white egg, it can either be comforting or unsettling to see how fragile our structure is. There is restriction, less flexibility, and as the clock ticks to the next day it starts all over. With the Hierophant in this position it is time to push away the walls of tradition, and build a boat for unknown tides.

This does not have to mean political or religious (although it can). The bedrock of this energy is finding ways to challenge the status quo. This can be something as personal and trivial as changing the breakfast, or  rebuking the to-do list. Deeper than that, it can be coming to terms with social constructs that do not work, or are intended to only serve a few.

This energy is as deep as the vessel it sits in. If this does mean changing a political, social, or religious ideology, find yourself where you are in that paradigm and move from there. Last week there were delays in situations and circumstances. This week is about movement. This week is about choice.

There is nothing in this card saying that you have to challenge everything. If you choose to challenge nothing, and all that surrounds you is working, that is great. But if you feel like your boundaries, your creative space, or your personal light are being shut down, find ways to retaliate.

Much of this energy is about comfort. Is it comfortable to be held under by a metaphorical fist, or it is less comfortable to speak out. The beauty of this energy is that there is no right way for all people. Each person has to come to terms with her or his own reckoning. Each person has to face her or his or authoritarians, and determine if this is the right place to stay.

For this week find the social, political, personal, spiritual, or mental wall you want to see over. Once you find that wall, don’t grab a ladder. Grab a hammer. In your own way, in your own space, tear down that wall down brick by brick. Please share your comments, questions, thoughts, and don’t forget to hit the follow button. Stay strong!


Some further tips:

Scents: Lime, Lilac

Stones: Obsidian

Animal Spirit: Snake and Tiger


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