As the energy shifts this week, it is time to be honest about some of the emotional pain that can come from the previous week. Last week, the energy was charged, full of vigor to take to the Reversed Hierophant. Now that the some of the battles have been fought, there needs to be some energy given to the casualties in our relationships, boundaries, and expectations.

This is the card where feelings and thoughts collide. Our thoughts may be telling us to do more, do differently, or take on more burdens. It is normal to help, and take on more, but the center cannot always keep up. This is when the anxiety or drowning sensation come in.

Fighting against the status quo is a needed and valiant cause, but it does leave room for vulnerabilities. Not every battle will be won. Others may be critical, judgmental, or unwilling to stay. The ones who do stay may try to tell you to keep your chin up, and how to do it. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to own your pain, to acknowledge your heavy melancholy and the black energy that follows.

Shortcomings are part of reality. Sometimes this creates more shortcomings, more questions, and more attempts to grapple your way out through a dark room. Do not let the ego get comfortable here. Do not let every arrow pointed at you be a kill shot. Deflect what you can, and hold your wound when you are hurt.

A good way to shift from grief is to find a worthy cause, something you love to do, or positive relationships. Find those people or things that will let you be still, and never let them go. There is a delicate balance between holding your grief and swallowing it. Speak honestly about what your pain is, and where it lays its head. Do not try to run from it. Grief will always be in one of the corners of your space. Don’t run, don’t hide, and don’t judge yourself when you look back to see if the shadow is still there.


Some further tips:

Scents: Cedar wood, Frankincense, Rose

Stones: Rose Quarts, Amethyst

Animal Spirits: Butterfly


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