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The last few weeks have gone through extreme energy. First there was the fight, and then the pain. Now the energy is restored, but hushed, a small window open to let in the noiseless night. This week the energy is charged from within, bringing together the duality of energy and patience.

On one hand this card speaks to awareness. The spirit of the Wands creates a consciousness that is passionate and determined. On the other hand, this card speaks to discovery and restrictions. This week the energy is fine-tuning and whittling the ideas towards success and enterprise, but haste will not serve this process. Haste creates emotional conflicts.

Right now, and for the rest of the week, clarity will see projects and conversations through, both with yourself and others. The energy is brimming with good intentions and a will to see it through. But putting more and more and more energy into something does not always make it manifest faster.

This is the week to dig in deep, and keep strong. The energy of loss and melancholy has gone, but there will be more days and weeks like that. There will be times where it does not seem like an idea, an action, or even yourself are good enough and cannot keep up. But these statements are false. This is the week to turn pain into a new journey.

This is not a card about final destinations, or about treasure in gold or prophecies. This is the card that breaks open ability, and helps to find the center between intention and action. This week, bring action to your thoughts and passions. You may not see the results soon, and some choices may never get a return. Do not be restless, or continuously search around the same dotted X. Find a new place to dig.


Some further tips:

Scents: Sage, Bayberry, Basil

Stones: Jade or Peridot

Animal Spirits: Antelopeantelope

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    1. Yes and no. I do my best to mindful of who is receiving the message and how the cards unfold. I will do call to actions based on particular cards in the spread. If there is a card that seems out of place, or if the person would like to go deeper into a particular card than sometimes there can be a warning card or a guiding plan of action. I do also take into account some reverse positions of the cards, and what that may mean.

  1. Thanks for replying Ashlie. Just in the past with other tarot card readers, they been general about readings saying its to guide while others to give warning and thought maybe you could give clarification which you have. What would be the worst card and position it is at to be drawn for a person?

    1. Well each person is different, and has a different reaction to individual cards. As you said, position is also a factor. For myself, there are a few cards that I struggle with in my personal readings. First is the Tower. For some reason this card (both upright and reversed) seems to bring a heavy energy to my readings, especially in the Goals part of the spread. The upright Hierophant, and Reversed Judgment are also a heavy load. I also do not like to see the Reversed 7 of wands in my environment or outcome part of the spread. Are there any cards that you have been conflicted with?

      1. Fun you mention had the tower drawn in reverse on a few readings which I was told meant the status as my relationship with past Xs which never end well.

  2. Thanks again for answering. Just to mention had tried to follow you on Twitter and Facebook, yet the links just go to the home pages of each site. What is is your Facebook profile or page?

    1. Thank you for letting me know. I will see why my links are not completely set up. In the meantime you can find my Facebook page if you search Ashlie McDiarmid. I am in the process of making a Facebook devoted to my blog and interests. I am a Twitter account, but I am not active at all on it. If you have Instagram you can find me at tandtombstones. Thank you as well for the comments. Please let me know if there is anything you wish me to post or talk about in my blog, or any questions or comments. I hope to meet many who share my interests.

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