The 2 of wands was the first stage of manifesting discoveries, and setting foot on to our own possibilities. Even if all of those opportunities have not yet come back full circle. We are now in a rich space with the 10 of cups. I don’t mean rich as material wealth or gains. I mean richness in emotional fortune. This card brings together the parts and pieces of our macro and micro worlds that make us feel whole.

As the picture indicates, the cups keep flowing and filling each other. 10 indicates It is the same with the energy that it holds. This energy will replicate and flow into other the cups of our lives. This center centers us and brings emotional treasures. These treasures include safety and security. This is what we come running back to because it is where the good things are.

It should be mentioned that with this card, the spectrum is endless in how it will shape-shift into each person’s little cosmos. Obviously, there is no one way to be happy. Each person has to make that center for themselves, by themselves. Individually and collectively unique, we do have the presence of the 10 which brings success, a new stage, and refreshed karma.

For me, this card speaks to all that I have and am grateful for. Family, friends, my blog, my cats, nature, and all the things that make me the little weirdo that I am. In that place, where I am just me, I have all that I need.

Speaking of needs, this is the time to speak to those. This energy would not be complete if it was isolated energy. This energy includes relationships, and how they have helped get each of us to this place. This is what quiets the animosity of people and situations that can poison us. Right now, and for the rest of the week, this spirited energy hums long and loud. Chase that noise deep into the darkness, and let nothing be faster than you.

Some further tips:

Scents: Vanilla, citrus, or Jasmine

Stones: Citrine and Onyx

Animal Spirits:

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