reversed son of swords

Powered by intellect, but cloaked in turbulence, this week the energy is going to hit hard. This is the card that brings to surface the unbalanced, proud, and hasty aspects of our lives and of those around us. The Court cards many times can be representations of other people, and the type of relationships we have with them. For this week, ask yourself if this card represents you or someone you know.

If this card represents you, take care to find balance. Call on your center, and determine what it is you need and want for the week. This is the time to practice patience. Hasty decisions are not the best way to bring about lasting and positive change. For this week do not put your ego, your health, your money, or your relationships in jeopardy.

All of these are connected, and if one is out of balance the others also start to droop. If these, and other, aspects of our lives co-exist peacefully, our center will always be blossoming. But arrogance and instability will kill our spirit slowly. Focus on practices that will bring a sense of calm. There is so much that we could fight, argue, and lash out at. But if we do not pick our battles, or if we always react first and think second, we will always lose.

If this card or energy could be someone you know, or just met, act with caution. I do not mean run away and never look back. I mean: assess the dialog, actions, and situations around people who may exhibit this behavior. Of course all of us can be the reversed son of swords at times, but the ones who embody this lifestyle day and night are difficult to have lasting relationships with.

This card is not negative down to the bones, but the energy is intense and unleashed. It is not easy to be mindful most of the time, but this week is a good place to start. Think before saying something that could be hurtful. Think before acting if this is where your energy belongs. Think before purchasing if this is something you really want. Be mindful of and for others. Use boundaries to stop others who want to cause trouble. Speak to your truth, even if others do not like it.

This is time to find power, but not volatility. Find peace, but do not be a sign post with your message. Above all, find balance. Find what resonates between struggle and aggression, and how it can be used to build you up. Find what drives you, but do not become a hustler for it.


Some further tips:

Scents: Chamomile, Neroli, Bergamot. **With these, find any way that works with you. Essential oils are the most versatile, but candles, incense, and perfumes can help set the tone.**

Stones: Aquamarine

Animal Spirits: The Bobcat. Known for it ability to remain unseen for a lifespan, the Bobcat is the face of patience. This giant feline is also extremely powerful, and strategic.

: bobcat


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  1. There’s a new moon coming up this weekend too. They have big energy in a different way. Like you said, feeling things very intensely but learning to sit in stillness amongst it. Blessed be star sister.

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