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Card of the week: Daughter of Swords

daughter of swords

“I want a net made of iron to hold /  what I am. I love artifice.” ~ Linda Gregg Aphrodite and the Nature of Art

She is an overwhelming breath of opposites. The daughter of swords is agile, but insecure, strong but small, confident but inexperienced, and wise but young. She is wide open to the world, but that also makes her vulnerable. The energy for this week is similar to the reversed son of swords. It is quick to move, but slow to process. However, there is less aggression, or force with this card.

The reversed son of swords allowed all of us, man or woman, to tap into deeper masculine energy. The daughter, or known as the page in many decks, represents a call to the feminine or androgynous. Despite the potential recklessness of this card, there is still something wonderfully organic about it. This is energy that can, if channeled properly, help us go into our intuition, or our natural impulses.

For this week, the focus should be on finding balance between the naïve and learned practices of thought. In a sense, this is balancing who we are with who we maybe were at some point. When I was younger (especially in high school) my mind was everywhere, but my thoughts were strong. Stronger in some areas than I am today. I said what I thought, and never worried about consequences. I was mentally free to think anything at any time.

I still have those same freedoms; I am capable of thinking and maneuvering myself in any situation, but now I restrain myself much more. I have learned over the years that thoughts and practicalities are not the same thing. I am more mindful of my words to others, but the words I say to myself can be stifling. I talk myself out of many things because my priorities are no longer the same.

This is the balance to reach for. How can we be mentally free, but able to live within the diameter of reality. Saying whatever is on our minds is not always helpful, but how do we co-exist and communicate purely if we do not beseech our thoughts into actions. This is not easy. It never was. But finding balance here is honoring our true intentions with our words.

For this week see what thoughts stick with you. Not every thought needs or deserves an action, but our bodies have a way of subliminally telling us over and over again the things that we NEED to pay attention to. A dream journal is a helpful guide, or having a junk journal. This is a journal just for random thoughts throughout the day. In my journal, some of these thoughts have been treasures, and others were fleeting.

To me, the daughter of swords represents opening the raw viscos of thought. For this week, see what is there and if harmony can be had. These thoughts will grow and mature, and or will hold nothing and shed into dust. Listen and learn what these thoughts are, or what they could become. Be practical, but above all let your brain do its magic.

Some further tips:

Scents: Sage or Lemongrass

Stones: Labradorite

Spirit animals: Owl or Hawk


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1 thought on “Card of the week: Daughter of Swords

  1. I like what you said about listening to your needs. Such is the dance of opposites. Finding space between contradictions and paradoxes can be a profound stillness. Blessed be sister. <3

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