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I am so sorry that this post is coming to you late. I had a lot to finish up last night with another project and I crashed hard. But we return to the 2 of wands, now reversed. Some of that energy has resurfaced in our little nests. In fact, some of this momentum is, in some ways, similar to the card from the previous week, the Daughter of Swords. That card drew on our immature, inexperienced, but honest impulses and possibilities. This card also pulls at our ripening chances.

There could be some lingering doubts or reservations towards what we are drawn to, and how it could manifest. When this card was upright there was intrigue and stamina. There was a culmination in ourselves of all that we can make happen. Use this card, in this position to be mindful. Do not put your vision into one target. Open your eyes to both good and bad happenings, even if you are unsure of your next move.

Being unsure can bring more negativity, or, if you are like me, anxiety. This is how I tend to handle my insecurities. I get anxious, even though I know by now that this does nothing for me. But I withdraw deep down inside of myself, and I do not see or seize opportunities. I block out as many external factors as I can. That is now a new priority for me, to find a way to move through unknown or hard situations with priority and purpose.

For this week, find what grounds you. There may be a lot of ups, downs, or surprises. There may be unknown spaces that could be yours, if you find the strength to claim them. Hold yourself like a storm. Grow out of your space. You were meant for more than one small corner in this world.


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