reversed ace of swords

“The abyss doesn’t divide us. / The abyss surrounds us.” ~ Wislawa Szymborska


Last week there was ambiguity, doubt, and a simplistic singularity in our focus.  This energy was reserved and drawn inward.  Now the energy moves, perhaps violently, towards complications. Those doubts and insecurities are met with confusion, aggression, and even more uncertainty. The reversed Ace of Swords speaks to our unchecked momentum caused by defense mechanisms, and attempts to try and right the wrongs.

Deeper concerns, or unhealed pains, can fester like a splinter begging to rise above the skin.  If we do not carefully pluck those thoughts that can infect us, there will be a larger wound to clean. In the immediate, this is the card that forces us to at least check in with ourselves. If we keep moving, but haven’t realized that all we are making is right turns, now we have to back track.

Instead of retracing the steps that have already been made, it is more effective to re-draw our lines mentally. This is not easy. Right now, there is so much going on personally and publicly that it can be easy to put ourselves in auto-pilot. But our brains are still taking in and distributing out our reactions and intentions. If these are not understood, there can be unreasonable expectations and anger towards our surroundings and others.

The reversed Ace of Swords speaks to our shadow selves. The dense underbelly of our existence is where the havoc of our own individual conditions dwell. The memories we try to forget, the outlines of the demons that shift, and the cavernous voice of our ego are all in this space. We cannot run from ourselves. An ego cannot be checked with more pride.

This in the internal landfill, and more trash thrown away will not clear our minds because there is no away. It goes somewhere. If that space is back into the subconscious, or outwards towards others, it can still take shape and weaken our stance. For this week fight dominance and excess with innovative energy. Take the sheet of your own darkness and face it against the draft.


**Thank you so much for reading. I would love to hear how you deal with the reversed Ace of Swords, or any other questions or comments. If you would like a tarot reading, please email Stay weird!**

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  1. “You can’t throw away trash. There is no ‘away.’ I love that so much. The energy is a little heavy right now even coming into spring in the northern hemisphere. April’s astrology is looking a little tough too. Having this time to stand still are challenging but necessary as you’ve so beautifully stated. Aho sister. <3

    1. In three card spread, I personally go with the BLESSINGS, CHALLENGES, AND ACTIONS. I like this spread because it can be immediate, or for a month. It can be personal, or relate to others.

      With these three cards I would read it like: Blessings (reversed ace of swords), challenges (4 of wands) and action (the hanged man). I am assuming the hanged man is upright.

      Blessings/ Reversed Ace of Swords:
      There are ideas there, and much is manifesting in the mental space. These can emerge as great actions later, but they are still immature. There is confusion. Confusion may not seem like a blessing, but it is a real way to tell that something is off balance.

      Challenges/ 4 of Wands:
      The 4 of Wands is a great card for stability and harmony and home. Maybe the confusion mentioned earlier is stemming from the fact there needs to be a balance between home and individual. What is off could be the balance between being rejuvenation through home and relationship successes, and how that can stagnate in the individual. There is also the possibility that the success of the home and the family drowns out the milestone that needs to be reached by the individual, causing the confusion mentioned earlier.

      Action/ The Hanged Man:
      Suspend action, and focus on what you have and what you need. These are not the same. What you need may be some alone time to retreat from an otherwise picture- perfect world. Maybe you have the ideas on a new milestone to reach, but the challenges of keeping harmony with those close is getting in the way. Focus on new ways to achieve clarity, but be mindful of complacency.

      **Sorry for the SUPER long response, but I wanted to be thorough. I hope this gets across what I am trying to say. 🙂

  2. Thank you for responding along with the explanation. This was most helpful as I needed some additional insight to this combination of card. Thanks again.

    1. Most importantly, I would need some information regarding what is the area of focus or question you have.

      You can email me at

      Also let me know if there are any symbols, pictures, numbers, totem, smells, and more that have meaning to you that I can try to incorporate into the reading.

      Once you email the listed information we can go from there with spreads and other options.

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