The Star

“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff.” ~ Carl Sagan

This may sound cliche, but if you look up at the night sky, it is hard not to feel a sense humility. To be a small, invisible point on an endless solar ocean is a lot to take in. However, when we shift our focus on to the impacts we have with our surroundings, and on other people, we see how capable we are.

In this moment, and all the moments to come for the next week, the energy is fueled by a connection to intentions and the ego. Last week the energy was stirring, but not moving. There was doubt, and a lack of direction. This lovely card tells us that now, when we come back to ourselves and focus on our good intentions, that is our direction.

We can only move forward if we understand that our physical self is encouraged or dismantled by the light we give. If we focus on positivity with others, we create a larger circle with people who can share that with us. If we give that same energy to ourselves, we will be untouchable.

This is not a card saying that everything in the world will be made right. There will still be people who have to unload their shadows on to others to feel safe, not knowing that it is not the darkness they fear. This card simply tells us to drink from our own well, and give to those who are worthy.

This is not the time to focus on fixing others. This is the time to figure our how we can give what we want to see. Individuality is also a factor here. The Star beseeches us to funnel our light in our own unique way. The only way to communicate that openly and honestly is through our own spectrum of color.  If and when that happens, there is so much to get excited about.


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