The High Priestess
“Tenderness and rot
share a border.
And rot is an
aggressive neighbor
whose iridescence
keeps creeping over.
No lessons
can be drawn
from this however.
One is not
two countries.
One is not meat
It is important
to stay sweet
and loving.” ~ Kay Ryan


The exotic nature, the mind- bending chaos that weaves our inner tapestry is directly linked to the High Priestess. She is the vibration when sitting still. She is part of what holds the dreams back when we wake up, and we desperately cling to any shred of memory. Her energy is a net thrown from our unconscious to save us from losing everything.

Last week the Star brought hope, light, and a direct path between our physical space and our supernova. For this week, travel down the mine. In our unconscious, we do not the rooms, or where the corners are. We fling our hands against everything, trying to find the light. Once we start to find our way around, this shines a flare on to our intuition.

feminine unconscious

Our intuition is fueled with help from the previous week. We can only grow when we merge our knowledge of reality with the wisdom of our unique spirit. Ask yourself: when did I last make a significant decision? Why did I chose this moment instead of previous ones? How can i infiltrate more of my awareness towards others? These are the questions that The High Priestess asks of us. Her energy is serene, yet puzzling.

Most of these questions don’t have easy answers. In a way it is almost cruel that we have the understanding that there is more, but the steps to get there can be severe. This energy challenges us to conquer the conflicting and the competitive. This is not to say that we should lay waste to that side of us that makes us human. That would not only be foolish, but almost impossible.

Those that say that harmony and bliss are all that means to be spiritual are either lying or cowards. Sometimes we have to be raw flesh and bones, subject to mistakes and treacherous unseen oceans. The High Priestess is not one to tell us to never converse with our shadows. She is asking us how can our shadows make us more in tune with ourselves? I personally love the High Priestess, but I struggle with her too. I would love to find a way to constantly have my mysterious energy at FULL, but I cannot always harness that.

That is what makes her energy so forgiving. We can still be a metaphorical cup that spills over when we try to cross our rooms. All we need to know is what we consist of. I mentioned last week that the Star calls on us to drink from our own well. Whatever is is in your well, cup, or vessel, let it always wet your mouth, drop by precious drop.

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