“For mankind are one in spirit, and in instinct bears along,
Round the earth’s electric circle, the swift flash of right and wrong;” ~ James Russel Lowell


There is something serene about absolving ourselves from aspects or people that do not fit anymore. To let there be a stillness as we move away from an old  shape into a new set of skin. Last week there was a victory, small or big, that shows our fortitude. We were called upon the last couple of weeks to sit and mold our intentions out of raw energy.

This week beseeches us to take these reflections farther. To step back from our wins and assess them with scrutiny and diligence. The system, other people, and circumstances may have flaws. So do we, but if we consistently keep in mind a deeper understanding of what our unique calling is, we come from a place of balance.

Judgement calls on us to self- preserve in some way. We cannot pretend that everything is always going to be okay, or that we can always have what we think we need. Sacrifice is hard. It is supposed to be hard. But if we take that inner voice from the previous weeks, and use that as our compass, our sacrifices will be less, or at least less superfluous. Not every battle is a win, but every victory is a victory.

Now that we are moving past finding and listening to our intuition, this is the week to test and integrate our epiphanies and intentions into our daily lives. Meditating on our intuition can be therapeutic, even healing. But if it is not tested and strengthened in reality it will always just be an inner voice.

For this week, look at your processes, and the transformations you are creating each day. This is a direct reflection to the mindful, physical, and spiritual currents of ourselves. This what affects others around us. This is what we harvest from the unseen darkness. There is new territory, new groupings, and new epiphanies. Somewhere a bell is ringing, we only need to lift our head and listen.

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