I know this post is long overdue. I apologize for not getting these pictures up earlier. As you may have guessed by now, if you have read some earlier posts, I love cemeteries. I find them beautiful, peaceful, a place of that buzzes with the electricity of memory.


Fairmount Cemetery is the second oldest cemetery in the area. The oldest goes to Riverside Cemetery. The cemetery is 280 acres, and has thousands of trees. There are famous people who lay beneath their final tombstones. There are bird, people biking, chapels, and growth. So much growth. More information about this historic cemetery is here



Coming here for the first time, I felt that buzzing I described. There are so many stories here. There are so many small histories that create the collective timeline. I loved it here. The sculptures and stones, so finite in their lines, were soft like skin.



These are the cemeteries that show beauty in loss, beauty in something unknown, perhaps even misunderstood. I feel that in some ways, I diminish the precious sense of this place by even trying to find words to use. If you are ever in the Denver area, and you like cemeteries, or just quiet walks to recuperate from the insane beast of living, come here. I will be back.


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  1. I have always wondering if cemeteries are meant to be a final resting peace how could they be haunted as some paranormal researchers make them out to be. I would figure a battlefield would be contain more spirits than graves.

    1. I think that many places like battlegrounds, hospitals, and prisons would be ripe with activity. I do think that there could be some energy in cemeteries too, but this cemetery is so beautiful. It shows how the final resting place can be lovely and not scary.

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