reversed 3 of swords

“Godless, our minds / did monster us, left us bobbing as in a swamp / until we sank.” ~ Leave a Message Mary Karr

One of the harsh realities about this card, this energy, is the inevitable and profoundly simple aspect of loss. This is the human card that we all have to pull from our internal deck. It is the Ace that we do not want to conceal, but must wrench free. This is the energy that collectively we share, but can make us feel utterly alone as we brave the numerous voids. Everyone is different, and sometimes loss and pain are chosen to save our integrity. No matter how it has come, some sort of trauma has touched all of us.

This energy is complicated. It can hold the outlines of various shapes or sizes. This energy can point to single and significant blow that has left us fatigued, confused, or defensive. This nucleus of power may make us question and doubt. If this hardship is still ongoing, first address your immediate needs. If you need professional help, seek it. Resting your needs in the hands of someone qualified to help you is not, and never will be, weak.

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After any immediate needs are met, make the choice to confront your pain. Find the place it resides and why. Someone, somewhere loves each and every one of us. Those who don’t will fall away. This is also the time to examine our own roles played in our courtship of our pain. This is the card that shrinks the ego, and makes us look at how we may have contributed. Guilt will dismember the psyche, while pain is bearable. If this energy tells us to take a look at our own shadows, then this is the time to be brave and honest. Many people never see the whole picture, and are left blaming an empty point where a flame once stood.

This energy could also be a trigger to some past trauma. It is normal to be triggered by harsh memories, but what to do with it once here. It cannot just leave. It has traveled from the subconscious or unconscious to be here, in usually an inopportune moment. If this is the your energy for the week. Confront it, then release it. Find any way to release those imperfect thoughts to a place of forgiveness or ambivalence.

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Thank you so much for reading. Let me know how the reversed 3 of Swords manifests in your life, and what you do to combat it. If you liked what you read, and want more, hit follow. If you would like a personal tarot reading, email me at

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  1. The cards you draw every week just always seem to be perfect. The energy in the ether is intense right now. The dark moon is a time to rest and let those feelings of grief go through their cycle. Blessed be Sistar. <3

    1. I think there can be. The 8 of Swords in the Rider- Waite deck shows a woman bound, blindfolded, and surrounded by a maze of swords. The Wild Unknown (which is the deck I currently use) shows a cocoon surrounded by a jungle of 8 swords.

      The Rider- Waite deck, I think shows a feeling of helplessness and maybe even some arrogance or weakness. The swords surround, but do not limit her. If she were to take off the blindfold, she could see that she is not going to be harmed by the swords. She could in fact try to use them to break her bondage.

      The Wild Unknown deck (to me) reflects on the juxtaposition of delicacy and adversity. The minute the butterfly emerges from the cocoon it is fragile, yet surrounded by these harmful objects. It must immediately be wary of it’s surroundings. But, the light of this card shows that overcoming threats through mental survival is possible.

      Both to share common threads, but to me the Wild Unknown 8 of Swords is more shadow than the Rider- Waite. It is almost cruel that the minute this butterfly emerges it is threatened, where the girl in the Rider- Waite deck is in a troubling position, but in no immediate danger.

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