ace of wands reversed

“An altar dignifying the god of chance. / What is beautiful it cautions, / Is found accidentally and not sought after. / What is beautiful is easily lost.” ~ The Altar Charles Simic

Last week we were forced to bring ourselves into awareness that the mental cycles we were carrying were only crippling us. We had to surrender our damaged ego into the deluge, and recognize the mental plateaus that bound us into circles. While hard, the beauty in letting go is that we can delete old processes to make way for new possibilities that stem from deep inside our inner chasms

The reversed Ave of Wands lets us know that this is week that new dreams will start to germinate. New creative ambitions are possible, and we can start to envision the vast growth about to take place. Being forced to remove our jaded mental ideas reminds us that sometimes when we are forced into something it is exactly what we need to move forward. The card shows a small black wand, with white flowers blooming. The border is fiery, full of tiny vibrant rivers. This is a reminder that the color inside of us must come from within. The river must start in our internal high ground. From there it will collect and find the cliff, where we act on and cherish this internal spectacle. It is only inside of us that we can find a source to harbor such a positive rage.

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In the light, the reversed Ace of Wands speaks to the internal dreams and poetry we never stop creating. Soon, a sonnet will come out and speak the syllables of the path we are meant to wander on. Here, we can see our intentions siphon out what will or won’t work for us. In this internal space, there is no judgment. There is only constant creation and tender migrations. We can only find the source of water once we instinctively know where to go.

In the shadow, this card embodies the internal cliché of putting your cart before your horse. It is beautiful to dream big, and imagine the reservoir as an ocean. But we must remain present and pragmatic in our planning. We cannot work with what we do not have. It can be detrimental to place such huge expectations on something that is just starting to take shape.

I feel like this and giving up..

For this week, dream hard for what and where you want to be. Let your mind harbor any ship that seeks a certain destination, then plan on how to get there if that is where you need to go. Do not be afraid to seek a treasure, just be ready to face a storm.


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Tarot card is from The Wild Unknown tarot deck. Click here to go to the website for this deck, and the whole collection from The Wild Unknown. (This is not an affiliate link)

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