the emperor

“The Buck stops here.”

The Emperor is steeped in reason and rationality. In the Wild Unknown deck (my deck), illustrated by Kim Krans, he stands a giant tree, a looming figure in domain over his canopy. When I look at this picture, I think of the beautiful redwood trees. Their presence and power is unmatched. Those around them can only look upwards, humbled by size. The Sun shines in the background, a symbol of the fiery power of the conscious mind. The Emperor’s commanding presence places a stronghold on himself, yet he safeguards the space because he knows that he was not randomly placed into power. He exercised power with the logistics of his experiences.

The Emperor can either be a positive force, or a formidable foe. He emulates authority, an energy that I sometimes struggle with. When he comes for me, I can hear his voice calling me to see my surroundings, and reminds that my mind is precise. It is a stronger weapon than I know, yet I carry it always. I have learned that through this card, the trust is being placed on me to wield my mental power. It alone has already helped to this precious space that I hold.

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In the light, the Emperor shows us that reason and logic allow for the bigger picture to be palpable. The experiences of the world are a test. Conquering each one is a victory, and proof that we are in control of our own destinies. Our lives do not happen to, or in spite of us. Our lives happen through us, by us, and because of us. Our choices, when made with reason and intent, unfold the world like a desert flower. Despite of the conditions, we can bloom into favor and good fortune.

In the shadow, he forces us to place an uncomfortable distance with our emotions. Emotions are not logical. They are not meant to be. One of the beautiful, but harsh truths about being human is that we are messy creatures, prone to fear and doubt. But our emotions allow us another way to cope with this imperfect place. To find meaning despite a shitty circumstance is poetic; it is a testament that our emotions lead us beyond our spaces. The Emperor doesn’t leave a lot of room for that. He, instead, requires a removal of this process. This has its benefits, but it is not easy.

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For this week, seek to find how you can lead your life with authority. Things are attainable if you apply your force of will. You will need to find the balance, and not over exert yourself. The Emperor did not claim his throne by always exerting his will. He knew when and where to do it. The political backlash of the United States, and treasonous Trump, shows just what can happen when one leads power-drunk. For this week, seek a logical and reasonable balance. Do not lay blame towards others. Hold yourself accountable. Good things come when the fire of the mind takes its grip.

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Tarot card is from The Wild Unknown tarot deck. Click here to go the website for this deck, and the whole collection from The Wild Unknown. (This is not an affiliate link)

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    1. Hello, it’s good to hear from you. My pursuits have treated me well. I now do a reading once a month at a great holistic store, and I am starting to set up a business website, pricing, cards, etc. I am looking into setting up a Facebook page too, but I rarely use Facebook anymore and it is confusing 🙂 How are you?

  1. Just been on the road for work as there has not been much going on back home. Hope the business venture goes well for you. You had me thinking on maybe starting to work for myself as travel been getting to be a pain. Just don’t what that would be yet.

  2. Thank you. My business venture is slowly starting. It is a little scary, but completely uplifting. I love the idea of helping others, and being independent too. Travel can be a pain. I am sure that something will come forward as a potential. Is there something that you would like to do?

  3. Found this card under my couch after a mushroom journey to the underworld. I don’t have this deck. Three of my friends have this deck, no one is missing the Emperor. No idea how he got in my house. I cleaned under that couch less than 2 weeks ago. It’s a mystery. I wanted to find out what it means. Wendy

    1. Thanks for your comment Wendy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t say for certain what this mean, and the blog post in relation to this comment needs a little bit of update on my account, as I have grown in my understanding of this card. I can say, that when the Emperor comes forward, there is an invitation for strength, stewardship, and conviction to come through. However the card got there, maybe you could tap into some these energies in whatever way feels right to you. Thanks.

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