the moon

“Moonlight drowns out all the brightest stars.” ~ J.R.R Tolkien The Lord of the Rings

When we were full on the Emperor, there was authority, leadership, and the ability to create a host of experiences in our lives through reason. There was individual conquering, allowing us to drink our power to the brim. We will need that individual conquering because this week we will be illuminated with the Moon, the beautiful and illusive phantom that hangs like a gleaming pendant in the sky.

The Moon is the widening lake of the unconscious, the unknown pieces of ourselves that mold and work us into our outer lives. We know that the Moon is responsible for the change in tides, due to the unseen pull of gravity. We cannot see this force, but we know it exists. The same can be said for the unconscious, but it is there pushing and pulling the shores into awareness and movement.


Lunacy and lunatic share the same root word: LUNA. This means Moon. The Moon with that same cycle, that same strong pull on the blue orb that we rest on, was (and is still) thought by many to manipulate our minds into crazed delusions and fantasies. The Moon does not make us crazy, but it does give off an old and wild energy. This energy cannot be dethroned, or humiliated. The Moon gives us a raw and almost feral permission to feel deeply. We can unleash our own wild magic, and walk through the barrier between expectations and instincts.


In the light, the Moon gently pulls us towards introspection. We cannot create change and engage with the world if we are functioning at half of our awareness. Now, this is not to say that the Moon requires us to fully open our unconsciousness all the time. We cannot physically pull that off. The Moon calls us to look deep into our wells and examine small pieces that may be important, but have been submerged under the water. In the light, this card allows us to more fully understand certain elements, circumstances, or aspects of ourselves that we can use to positively embellish our decisions and actions.

In the shadows, this energy can be difficult to burden, and the energy can go across the spectrum. On one side, there is a reaction of judgement, doubt, or assumptions. We think we know the deeper reflective surfaces of ourselves, so we critique anything that comes up and swiftly push it away. It is uncomfortable to fall down our individual rabbit holes, but it is the only to authentically look at our internal cosmos. On the other side, we cannot lose ourselves in the mist. We cannot constantly pull something out of us and still be efficient. We must be able to pull ourselves back into the real world again. We are needed there. Those who constantly dwell in this darkness can never fully appreciate the movement of change.


For this week, start to look at what pulls and pushes on the deeper layers of yourself. Look at current or past circumstances, actions, choices, or relationships. They all your force pulling at them. What are the underlying meanings of any these scenarios? Do they have or need meaning? Take some time to dwell in this place, and allow thoughts or feelings to expand. The Moon is the link between our consciousness, and our surroundings. These all swing in the cycles, so take some time to let your wildling nature come out.


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