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0- The Fool Poem




The Fool


Heart racing like when a flame hits the wind, I stand on the precipice.

The air is perfumed with fresh flowers, softening my start. Here I could stay,

but why would I when the alchemy of my yolk gave me wings?

My beginning is a golden beam meeting the sky. Only an errand so important

could give the horizon such context, such conquest that I must leap if only to feel

the gust of cool air. Perhaps I should be worried. The threats keep longer hours

then I. But I was not made of hinges shrugging into a forced opening. Those sighs

are for a changing season, and a heavy door. I am made from the music of the Sun,

each note carving the wind whose cold hands I must warm. If this perfume can permeate

the sky, then so can I. Like that orange bullet lofting towards heaven, I can also become

fire on the other side of light. – Ashlie McDiarmid


**A poem I wrote honoring the Fool. Do you write poetry? How does the tarot come into your words? Much love wolf-darlings!

Tarot card is from The Wild Unknown. Click here to find this tarot deck for purchase. (This is not an affiliate link)

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  1. I love this! I’m thrilled that you combined your creative side with your tarot reading insight.

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