(This idea of self-responsibility as one of the first steps to wellness comes from Jack Travis and Regina Ryan’s Twelve Dimensional Model of Wellness, but I found it in Michael Arloski’s book Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change)


Self-responsibility is a huge step in finding wellness. It is the first or initial submission into the process. Anyone who is seeking wellness, either alone or with the help of another, must first submit to the process and take ownership. They must take the responsibility that in order to find change they must try, and potentially fail. This is a daunting task, but I believe that taking the responsibility for your path means that everything is designed and destined for your greatness. You are in control of your wellness path, but, if needed, there are many people out there who can help you find the skills to take the reins, and drive.

I would like to point out there is a big difference from accepting or asking for help, and complete submission to someone’s orders. There is a very big difference. In seeking wellness, either through fitness, nutrition, or lifestyle, holistic health, or any modality, the client should always be in control. The professionals need to listen and modify the approach to what is workable for the client. They should give suggestions and options so the client can alter the formula down to the decimal to achieve attainable goals. If you are in control this means that you can gauge your triggers, and know when you need to push forward, or when you have had enough.

I did not have to look hard to find the card that went perfectly with this theme of self-responsibility. The Chariot is a true symbol of responsibility to self and ownership. Many themes or tarot books will say that The Chariot is all about discipline, decision-making, victory, and willpower. I would say that these things are wonderful, but they come as side dishes from the main course of accepting self- responsibility.

When you take the reins of your chariot, you are taking ownership. You are accepting that you lead the chariot, it does not lead you. The Chariot is the transportation but you are the driver. You thrust forward or pull back when and where you need to. If you do not step into your chariot, it will not go far. If you never get out of the chariot, you will never find reach your destination. The Chariot is meant to be used when you have a direction, and you have the means to get there. The Chariot is meant to be the physical evidence of your ownership and willingness to keep going until you are where you need to be.

If you are ready to find some wellness, step into the chariot. You do not need to know the whole landscape. You do not need to know how to track and map everything down. These skills are crucial, but they will come later. You must first step into your chariot. If you are having trouble doing this, imagine what your chariot would look like. What is it made of? What color is it? Is your chariot like the horse pictured here? Or is it more elaborate, decorative, embossed, or gilded? However you dream it is meant to be.

Wolfling dear, this acceptance of self-responsibility, but it is a gift. It may feel like a shadow pressing hard and cold on the spine, but it is igniting you. You have such a spectrum held within your heart. Release it. Untame it. Each of our responsibilities to self and to source means that we have more to give each other. Stay wild my wolfling.

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