The monthly cards for January are here: The Lovers and the Lady Alfreda (Justice will Prevail). We dive deep into these cards on the Tea and Tombstones podcast, exploring the themes of sacred reciprocity, underworld initiation, magickal and natural law, karmic residue, and the use of wise counsel to guide and instruct our choices and values. 

We also ask and explore what it means to look at these themes when they are not in vacuum. For instance, how would justice come forward for you right now? How different would it look as opposed to coming forward a year ago? Five years ago?

The Lovers is all about the return, sacred reclaiming and sacred deepening of the wisdom we have gained from the Hierophant. This deepening, awakening, reclaiming allows us to move towards the Chariot, engaging in that which is our calling, that which is ours to behold.

Lady Alfreda is the goddess of wise counsel based on karmic initiations. Everything impacts everything, and when we allow the wisdom of all that has come before to be a teacher, we can join the archetypal history of remembering. You can find the podcast on Itunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more.

Let me know how these cards come forward for you. XOXO




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