Are you ready to be called in?

Introduction to the cards

As September unfolds and sweetly leads us into autumn, the transitional energies are palpable. Coupled with the specific cards that were randomly chosen for this month, September is ushering you into a space of expansive embodiment and movement.

The monthly cards are the Chariot and the Green Lady of Y Draig Goch. From these cards, the tarot affirmation came forward immediately. It dropped into me like a stone in a river. The affirmation for September is: The universe calls me in, and I answer.

Both the tarot cards, and the affirmation that grew out of those two, are opening many themes and energies that you can use to bloom what your spirit needs, and to bury what needs to be released. Some of the key themes that come with these chosen cards are:

The Chariot

What a beautiful card to represent the transitional phases, both figuratively and literally. The Chariot follows the Lovers, and this is an important invitation of its own.


The Lovers speaks to sacred connection. I am not talking about romantic relationships. I am talking about the chemical alchemy that is love. Love is the chemical pull on each of us in some form. Love is a form of gravity because it holds us in a way that no other force can. This could show up as a romantic relationship, but as I mentioned in the podcast (which you can find and listen to here), the Lovers is the card that show up when something is pulling on our spirit to engage and connect with on the most intimate of levels.

What does that have to do with the Chariot?

It has everything to do with the Chariot because once you feel the pull on your spirit from the Lovers, you can then see and lean into the pull of the Universe. This is a pull that is still wrapped in love, intimate and heartfelt, but it is a little different. The Chariot is the card that speaks to intimate devotion to those feelings and pulls. The Chariot is the card that comes forward when you are being asked to move with that sacred connection into a deeper understanding, a more cosmic connection, or a higher form of alignment.

The Chariot from all my decks (from top left to bottom right): Herbcrafter’s Tarot, Hush Tarot, Ostara Tarot, The Wild Unknown, The Dragon Tarot, The Mystical Dream Tarot

The Green Lady of Y Draig Goch

Y Draig Goch translates into the Welsh words for “red dragon.” The red dragon is a powerful symbol to the history, culture, and people of Wales. Flown over government buildings since the decree by Queen Elizabeth in 1959, the Red Dragon has become a symbol of lasting power, and sovereign rule after the Romans withdrew from Britain. You can read more about the history of the red dragon by clicking the links at the end of the blog under the Research Heading.

The Green Lady holds her own historical story. Legend goes a green lady (princess Alice of Agouleme) haunts the largest castle in Wales, Caerphilly Castle. Married to Gilbert de Clare (also known as the Red Earl), she fell in love with another prince, and soon the affair was found, and both died. Since then, Alice green ghost haunts the castle halls, seeking the love she briefly had that was true.

I mention these historical and mythological narratives in relation to this card, because the affirmation that comes with this card is You are the chosen one.

I will not say that everything in this world relates to fate, but when I work with this card, I feel a sense of awakening. There are certain things in life that show up and speak to us, call on our energy because it is part of our spirit’s purpose. This card says that everything is connected, including you to the very world you move through.

There are callings that choose us, need our help, and when we invite those callings in, we can feel a alignment clicking in, like a key that unlocks a door. We are all chosen for something. We are all a part of energies that we cannot fully explain in, or away. They are with us, the mystery leading us further into both our own myths, and our own truths.

File:Welsh Dragon (Y Ddraig Goch).svg - Wikimedia Commons
The Red Dragon of Wales / Y Ddraig Goch

Energies for September

With a brief introduction to the cards, the invitations are speaking to a narrative of spirit purpose, being called in by the universe, and moving from sacred devotion into what is past the known, the comfortable, or the immediate.

These cards show that the bridge between what you hold divine, and what is here with you are often the same things. You forge that bridge through your intentions, your magick, and your calls to act both from a place of purpose, and of power.

For the rest of this month, see how certain energies pull on your spirit to do, to be, to embody, and much more. These are the keys that, once clicked in the locked door, can lead you towards things you may have dreamed of, or not, but they are profound shifters and change-makers for you and the Universe.

What connects you into a place of symbiosis? What magick naturally unfolds when your presence and awareness is elevated?

Tarot affirmation for September based on the monthly cards

The affirmation for this month was drawn from these two cards, again speaking to the way connection and purpose walk hand-in-hand when we move with intention and magick. Once you unlock the first door, another will appear. The quest to connect with the Universe, all the cosmic energies, and all on this earthly plane is never-ending.

In this body, in this lifetime, you can and are being invited for this month to really see where those doors lead. After we leave one form of matter, the cycle begins again.

In closing this blog, I wish to say that there is so much more that I can write and say about this. That is part of my purpose with my spirit and my body in this lifetime: to speak to these energies in the ways that I can. The universe is calling you in, asking you to take the rest of the month and see what speaks to your spirit, your soul, your most intimate and divine nature?

It won’t be heard all at once, but over time, you will almost feel a sense of wind at your back and your spirit the soft sail. This is that dear whispering of cosmic forces, asking you to take at least one step away from the shore. Use these cards as a way to channel this force forward. XOXO

Further work with these cards

If this post spoke to your wild spirit, I invite to take in the other offerings in relation to the monthly cards that I have created.

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