A rage spell to meet the bullshit with your fierce and powerful rage

So, if you have followed any part of my platform you will know that I do not aspire to love and light. I do not have time for that toxic narrative, because I am too busy trying to find ways to work my magick into the places that I think need it. These are often the places that fill me with rage and hurt and pain. That is why I bring my magick to these dark corners. My magick is a voice, and my voice is going to reverberate in those places that need a good shakedown.

I believe the same is true with you. I believe that the world needs the voice of your magick to go into the dark corners that enrage you and shake loose the bullshit.

That is why I made this rage spell, for you to take and make your own for whatever is creating rage in your personal life, against your community and loved ones, or the world you wish and dream of being a reality.

The spell

This spell was inspired by different sources (all will be listed below), and I took the sources and worked them into my own narratives. Please do the same again as you need to make it completely and authentically your own.

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I mentioned this in the document itself, but I think it bears repeating. You can used pieces of paper with the names of the focus of your rage. You can use pictures. You can use items or symbols that represent the focus of your rage. For instance, on TikTok, I wrote down the Supreme Court, the NRA, and a picture of Brett Kavanaugh. If you are going to use an image, please make sure that you are purchasing it or acquiring from a person or corporation whose profits continue to hurt and oppress others.

For instance, if your image is the red MAGA hat, please don’t buy. Use a picture or name. Purchasing of items like these only further benefit those who shouldn’t profit anything from your beautiful magick. Also, make sure that before, during, and after the spell, you are tending to yourself.

This spell can bring up a lot of emotions, as it should, but make sure that you tend and nourish your body and spirit so that you can continue to show up for yourself, community, and the world.

Finally, don’t let ANYONE gaslight your rage. If this spell isn’t for you, that’s completely okay. If this spell needs a lot of work to get it where you need it to be, I love that. If you love this spell, and can’t wait to try, I want to hear about it! But, never let anyone say your rage should be turned down or off to make yourself more appeasable, approachable, amenable to others.

I love you wildling! Keep raging. If you want to see the spell in action, it is pinned on my TikTok

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