Following in order of the guidebook, and the cards in the Earth element, we are now working with the third card: The Mouse. The first card we had was the Bear, the card that wakes us up to inner strength, and our need to move into the light. The second card was the Earthworm, the card of shyness and vulnerability, but also energies of earnestness, mutual benefits, and bravery.

The Mouse picks up those energies, and starts to do things with them. The Earthworm was hesitant to share precious inner visions, but now the Mouse comes in and starts to DO things with the physical and the energetic. 

The number THREE is all about creation, growth, cooperation, and culmination, artistry, and originality. These are all themes that the Mouse opens us into. Hopefully you are starting to see how the cards are building one each other from one to the next. The choice was not by accident. With each new card, we are moving with the energies from the previous cards into integration with the current one. We are moving to higher levels of consciousness, awareness, and points of power. Again, it is all interconnected here just like it would be in the wild. So, let’s start to get into the details with the Mouse. 

Tending the details with the Mouse

We have awoken from spiritual slumber, and started to gather confidence in ourselves to share our inner vision in external spaces that can be witnessed by others. The Mouse now invites us take that inner vision from the Earthworm and tend to the details of it, making sure that all the I’s are dotted, and the T’s are crossed.

Mice are often just seen as mere pests, with no value or significance. This couldn’t be further from the truth, Mice are inquisitive, adaptable, highly sensory, acrobatic, intelligent, and more. The Mouse in this deck asks us to start to hone our abilities, evolve where we need, and approach things with a sensible and resourceful approach. 


The Mouse is the first card in the earth element that brings a sense of action. True, we had some action with the Earthworm, and how their movements in the ground provide needed nourishment and benefit to the soil, but the Mouse is the first card where the action meets the intention. The Mouse says that when we start to show up in spaces that range from survival to creative, we need to look into the details, and create independent approaches. The Mouse knows that much of life is dependent on how much you tend to it. The Mouse truly shows just how much a willing, resourceful and prepared spirit can accomplish for long-term gain.

The Mouse says that on the spectrum from the magickal to the mundane, your life is what you make it. It is not about having everything in this life that you want and need. It is about making your life beautiful and prosperous from using what you have. Curiosity coupled with sensibility can be great supporters for creating and culminating an authentic vision and life. However, just like the first two cards, the Mouse also has an unbalanced side. No creature in this deck is immune from energies that lead into dark spaces. The Mouse can be become so consumed by the details and the tending of those details that they lose themselves in the process. What starts out as a beautiful and exacting approach can quickly become overbearing and micromanaged if not met with mindfulness and gentleness. 


Guidance from the guidebook

Some key references from the guidebook

Keywords / phrases: Detail-oriented, small-minded, nit-picky, nervous

When in balance: organized, resourceful, prepared

When out of balance: busy with no purpose

To bring into balance: a meaningful project

Following the guidance from the guidebook, working with the Mouse is about finding the deeper meaning in your visions, your wants and needs, and what drives you. Once you do that, this card invites you to put yourself to the task of organizing, structuring, and tending the spaces for support, preparedness, and sensible alignment.

As you start to enact actions, support, and preparations for yourself in mundane and magickal spaces you see the beautiful and unique fingerprint of your talents and tenacity. You see how an independent and curious mind can constantly find something of use or purpose, or can make a mountain out of a mole-hill. 

As beautiful as the Mouse card is, it also is a warning to not lose yourself in the prospect of preparation and detail-orientation. What starts out as a heartfelt approach can quickly lose the meaning by nitpicking every small detail. The meaning is not found in making things perfect. It is found in the foundational support to the meaning.

Think of it this way: if your meaning is to become an entrepreneur, the Mouse says to bring attention and action to making sure you have certain things organized, understood, branded, and prepared for so you can be successful. However, if you quickly find yourself obsessing over something like which font to use, and you constantly are researching for the best font for your brand that you haven’t posted anything on your website because you haven’t found that PERFECT font, you are losing the meaning of why you started this venture to begin with. 

The Mouse says detail and tend and structure and support, until you lose the magick of the why. Then pull back and out. Take a breath. Rest. Re-orient to the purpose, and begin again.

Detail, cross the t’s and dot the i’s, but don’t lose the meaning behind the action. And so it is…..

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