Following the continuation of cards in this deck, we are now moving on to the Rabbit. For those who haven’t followed this series, I am breaking down each and every card from The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck. 

So far, the animals that I have covered have been the Bear (which is the first card in the whole deck), the Earthworm, the Mouse, and now the Rabbit. I encourage you to go back and read the posts on the previous animals because in this deck, each animal builds on the previous one in consciousness and embodiment instead of a numerological continuation.

The Bear, Earthworm, Mouse, and now Rabbit are all in the Earth element (shown by the elemental sign in the top of the card in the image). The Earth element is about actions, habits, routines, presence, and the space you take up. The animals in the Earth element invite you to consider what actions you are taking, and if they are in alignment with your wants and needs.

The animals in this element, covered and yet to come, invite you to consider how you are taking up space, and what you are manifesting, either through conscious choice or reflex-reaction to fears and doubts. Speaking of actions related to consciousness and fears, we are now fully in the element of the Rabbit…..

Approaching fear and finding foundations with the Rabbit.

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The previous card, the Mouse, was all about preparation, organizing, planning, detailing, and creating from the vision of the Earthworm (card #2). 

Although there is no numerical association with the card, the Rabbit resides in the fourth position. Fours are about foundation, structure, stability, and grounded energy. It may seem odd that the consciousness associated with the Four in this element is given to the Rabbit. In my opinion, that is where the beautiful teaching of the Rabbit resides.

The Rabbit has this polarity of grounded, rooted energy, while also being in a space of heightened fear, doubt, and trepidation. The Rabbit has to constantly be on the lookout for predators, especially from the sky, while having a swiftness in both movement and sensory reception. This is actually where the sturdiest and most adaptable foundations are made.

Building foundations and stability in life, and the spaces you take up, are not without fear or one eye to the sky. It is about moving and adapting in the presence of trepidation. That is where the real strength is found. Those who build a house of cards are constantly on pins and needles, waiting for the drop. Those who build a supportive foundation, aware of the risks, fears, and questions will be able to continue building, no matter where or when it is needed. 

One of the beautiful invitations with the Rabbit is the invitation of mindfulness. This card says that where you put your energy, you also put much of your magick and manifestation. Think of the Law of Attraction here… If you are putting so much of your energy into the fears that surround your preparation and planning (from the Mouse) you will constantly be unsettled, giving even more fuel to your fears. You will be checking the to-do list two, three, four times instead of trusting the process, working the problems, and meeting any new energies that come your way. 

The energy you show up with, and the thoughts and emotions that surround those energies shape your destiny, give  it power for good or bad. In the light, the Rabbit is a fierce mover, able to adapt and evolve quickly. The Rabbit is able to take all the planning and preparation from the Mouse, and take the leap. The Rabbit invokes a spiritual gentleness, and a creative ability to see into the situation. However, this is where the dark side of the Rabbit can come out if not met with the mindfulness. When looking into a situation, the fears and doubts within can quickly take over, feeding a vicious cycle of stress and unknowns.

To be clear, fear is always going to present in life. The Rabbit is not here to say that mindfulness, sensitivity, creativity, or intentionally placed energies will completely remove fear. The Rabbit says that when you learn to still show up and take the leap with fear, that is where the foundations are really built. That is where true strength is found. When you can truly see that fear and joy are equal teachers for your ability to manifest, you find a power within that cannot be undone. 

The work of the Rabbit resides in listening to intuition, and letting the energies of fear, joy, doubt, love, and more have their say. When you listen within without judgement, shame or a pointed finger, you soften. You can find the root of the problems, and grace in the next steps you take. You can trust yourself more, and lean into your sensory and intuitive receiving. When the Rabbit comes forward for you, there is an invitation to stop and connect into the internal energies to see the source, find the solution, and creatively move again.


Guidance from the guidebook

Some key references from the guidebook

Keywords / phrases: Afraid of everything. Overwhelmed. Frozen. 

When in balance: Sensitive, Problem solver, Good listener

When out of balance: Over-explains, Talk fast 

To bring into balance: A day of silence

Following the guidance from the guidebook, the Rabbit asks you to connect with your fears. Why are you so afraid, and what are you afraid will happen? Again, it is natural to have fears around the future, people you love, situations you are in involved in, and communal or national stories. The issue comes in when fear overrules the meaning behind it. The Rabbit says that when you are overwhelmed, and unable to do anything else except stir those same emotions around, you are going nowhere fast. 

Instead, recognize the energy that you are bringing to your spaces, and work with knowns and unknowns as equal teachers. Recognize that the biggest shifts occur when you focus on finding the solution, and settling your own energy. When you are settled in your own energy, you can listen more clearly to yourself, your magick, and the guidance from other people or spirits who walk with you. 

You are starting to build the foundations that you were preparing and planning with the Mouse. Don’t let that beautiful space be overrun with the things that are connected to fear, and don’t dismiss the fear, either. Your strength comes in building supportive spaces and finding solutions that honor what you are feeling and thinking. Finding a reliable presence in the face of your doubts and toxic thoughts is true magick. 

Great Eagles may circle in the sky, but your spirit moves swiftly, led by your attuned senses.

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