Moving on from the Raccoon in the fifth position, we are led into the beauty of the Fox. This card is so special to me  because foxes are really special to me, but even just within the context of the deck, this card offers a beauty that is unmatched. 

Just to recap the cards that have come before and their invitations, we had:

1.) Bear: waking up to new beginnings

2.) Earthworm: finding confidence to share and be vulnerable

3.) Mouse: Bringing meaning into visions through the details

4.) Rabbit: Creating mindfulness in energy and building foundation of self

5.) Raccoon: Connecting to true self, personas, and self-expression

So we see this energetic rising of self. We move from a new beginning to internal alignment, and now we are in the sixth position. Sixes speak to bounty, abundance, community, magick, sincerity, harmony, cooperation, and heart-spaces. With that in mind, we move into the beautiful nature and magnetism of the Fox. 

Connecting to magick in self and other with the Fox

Foxes are elusive, mystical, and unattainable. Like a fog or like smoke, they move into and out of our consciousness, leaving a deep imprint on our hearts. Within the space of this deck, this card is about leaning into situations or people that leave that same time of imprint on you. 

When this card comes forward it is about finding the magick in life, and letting that become more present and apparent. In the Earth element, this is about manifesting and conjuring. It is about your very real life and how that very real life contains mystique and magick, and also the mundane. 

The Fox invites you to consider how your actions honor your connections to other people, or magickal situations that deepen you, like connecting to nature, ritual, or energies.

How does magick show up in your life, and what do you / are you doing with it?

The Fox also speaks to wisdom, teachings, guidance, and adaptations. Foxes meet situations and rise to the occasion. Where I live in the Colorado mountains, I have seen foxes (only a few given how elusive they are) in my yard standing still as stone in the snow, only to swiftly jump up and then barrel down, driving their nose in to pull out a mouse. 

The Fox is the card of magnetism. When you see a fox in nature, there is something otherworldly about them. They have this energy to them that is both completely physical, real, doglike, or playful, and also magickal, mysterious, or ethereal. Once you do the work of the Raccoon and connect to your true self, your expression, your personas, and your gifts, the Fox asks you to give that up and out while also receiving the same energies in.

Because of this magnetism, the Fox invites in excitement and play and charisma. We all know people like this in life, whether in our own personal lives, or those we see in society or pop culture. These are the people that have IT. They have a spark, and when you are around them, you feel the power of their energy. These are the people that are the life of the party, not because they are rowdy and unruly, but the ones who hold the best conversations, or share their wild stories. They are the ones you want to see down and have a drink with. 

These are the people that everyone else is drawn to, and can’t help it. These are the people whose whole life is an adventure. They are open, willing, fun, vulnerable, honest and true. That is exactly what the Fox teaches. Just like the two polar sides of a magnet, your own magnetism is aligned through your magick and all you hold dear. They pull on each, creating a energetic bond that is unbreakable. 

To say it another way, all you hold dear pulls on you deeply. In that depth your unique mystique and magick is ignited, and it radiates outward drawing those precious connections in even more. The sacred sharing and embodiment of a sacred life is honored when you let the intimate nature of yourself and your connections run free and bloom.


Guidance from the guidebook

Some key references from the guidebook

Keywords / phrases: Smart, Strong Partner or Mate, Wise Teacher

When in balance: Magical, Ingenious Teacher, Monogamous

When out of balance: Sneaky, Unsure of their identity

To bring into balance: Partnership, Connection

Following the guidance from the guidebook, working with the Fox calls you into your charisma and intellect. What can you teach, and how can you give it in such a way that others are drawn in and made the wiser or better through your understandings. How can you create or foster relationships where other people feel like they can be more themselves? Where can you connect into your magick, nature, or anything “other” that highlights what you hold dear? These are all things to consider with the Fox

Leaning into the out-of-balance energy for a moment, the shadow side of the Fox is something to keep in mind. Again, we all know people like this, those whose energies just feel off. We feel hesitant to trust them, to share our sacred self, or engage in deeper, more meaningful connections with these people. They may be energetic vampires. They may do sketchy shit. They may brag all the time, even though they are a trainwreck. 

There is always this type of person in our lives, and while I say this without judgement (because of many it may be a way of coping or protecting), being around these types of people is really hard. When you don’t know the true nature of someone, what their intentions are, or if you can trust or share yourself with them, it is hard. Just like the guidebook says, bringing the out-of-balance energies back into harmony is about creating honest, sacred, and meaningful connections. 

It is about being vulnerable and intimate, willing to let your true self be seen. The Fox says living in the shadows your whole life may offer protection, but it lacks meaning. The Fox says to use your intellect to discern who will honor your true self, and who will use your gifts towards their own benefit. The most beautiful aspect of the Fox is the ability to create connections that foster magick for all.

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