About Me

Hi there. My name is Ashlie McDiarmid. I am an eccentric wolf-spirit, and the creator of Tea and Tombstones. I have always been interested in tarot, but I really started to read when I needed more in my life. What started out as pure curiosity became a door to a part of myself that had been untouched for a long time. Now I read for others because I believe tarot as resource can create a root system of growth. If I can be of service in the way that tarot served me, I need to share it.

The tarot taps into the subconscious or allegorical layers that unfortunately often fall silent because much is required of us daily. Tarot is a physical form of connection. Tarot is a means to see and behold energies that can be harnessed to elevate the folding layers of life. Each card is a invitation for us to go deeper into both the lovely and the challenging areas that need our attention.

The way that I see and use tarot was shaped by what it brought to me life in a time of need. What I needed from the tarot (more than the act of being a student to something) was an ally. No matter how brutally honest the cards could be, I found solace in getting direct messages from the cards. They allowed me to shape certain events, to better understand certain areas of focus, and direct attention to my needs and wants. Through this interaction with the tarot, I see the tarot as a guide. It is a resource, there to help engage, challenge, and encourage us to find our direction and our wind.


Because of this, I do not see tarot as predictive. I don’t think the future is set in stone. Together, we will look into potentials in obstacles or outcomes, but the way you harness the meaning of the cards is in your personal autonomy . What is important is action and understanding, and that is bedrock of what my tarot readings give. The knowledge that comes ashore to our conscious selves is humbling and strong. It allows us to explore the possibilities that best fit. Most things are possible, tarot or no tarot. The tarot simply creates space for your sacred creation in the paths you wish to shape.


If you are looking for a tarot reader to use the cards to tap into your wild reclamation or soul alchemy, please check out my Code of Ethics and spread options, or email me at teaandtombstones@gmail.com. This place started as a mere blog for me to channel pain and confusion. Tarot started as a way to merely find purpose and passion again. It became clear that this was the path I was meant to find all along, and if you need or find yourself in these energies, I hope to provide the same help for you.