About Me

Hi there. My name is Ashlie McDiarmid. I am an eccentric wolf-spirit, and the creator of Tea and Tombstones. I have always been interested in tarot, but I really started to read when I needed more in my life. What started out as pure curiosity became a door to a part of myself that had been untouched for a long time. Now I read for others because I believe we are all sacred rebels. We are all a microcosm full of stars.


The tarot taps into the sub or unconscious layers that unfortunately often fall silent because of the hustling noise of life. Tarot is a physical form of connection for tapping into this vein of your inner space through the symbols, colors, images, and collective metaphors. Each card is a streak of gold for the collective experiences and language. We may channel them in different ways, but the imagery and symbolism forces us to pause and ponder the deeper meaning.

We may not have a physical horse in our living rooms to be our chariot, but the card makes us question what a chariot is. How would it look? How far do we want to go? How can we go anywhere if we don’t know where we are? What is the meaning of a physical horse, or as a metaphor? All of these questions make us define the outline, and as the reading continues, the color comes in. It is bright, dark, bold, soft, whatever you need it to be. The important thing is that tarot makes us pick up the brush.


Because of this explanation, I do not see tarot as predictive. I don’t think the future is set in stone. We can look into potentials in obstacles or outcomes, but the choice is yours. What is important is action and understanding. The knowledge that comes ashore to our conscious selves is humbling and strong. It allows us to explore the possibilities that best fit. Most things are possible, tarot or no tarot. The tarot allows us to understand what energies are circling and how to harness them to move forward.


There isn’t a single governing body of tarot. You do not have to complete a degree to read tarot. Tarot is for anyone and is can be accessible at any time, but there are options out there for those (like me) who wanted a certificate in tarot. I completed my certification with Biddy Tarot. In this course, I learn how to channel the tarot into reality. I learned how to incorporate the meanings to different scenarios. I don’t give the same dusty definition and hope it applies to you. I channel the message into the spectrum of your colors, and your light.


I hope to speak to you, hear your thoughts, share a connecting energy. This place started as a mere blog for me to channel pain and confusion. Tarot started as a way to merely keep my mind distracted and moving. It became clear that this was the path I was meant to find all along. I hope you share your energy and become part of the wolf pack. Stay Wild!