About Me

Hello wild one. I’m Ashlie McDiarmid. Welcome to Tea and Tombstones, a space that honors you in all that you are in this moment. Here, wellness is not simply love and light. It is the wild and visceral energies that make you wholesome and complete.

I am a tarot reader, spiritual / wellness coach, feral poet and writer, and podcaster. From a dark night of the soul, I have been re-wilded, and am ready to hold that same space for you.

But let me back up a bit……..

Tea and Tombstones was created before I knew a single card. I started Tea and Tombstones as a blog in a time of deep sorrow and loss. I was dealing with depression, death (both physical and metaphorical), burnout, severe writer’s block, and an overall sense that I no longer knew who I was.

I started a blog (the birth of Tea & Tombstones) to try to write, and find my voice. It didn’t work. In that search, I figured that I would start a hobby to occupy my brain and my time. So, I started learning the tarot.

It was the tarot that worked. It pulled me in, creating a container for me to grieve, and to heal. After feeling the magnitude of this shift, I knew that if I could offer this space to even one other person, I could and would.

The tarot softened me, and it brought me home. It transformed me, and I have never looked back. I have found the howling that calls me home.

I decided to keep the name of Tea and Tombstones because I learned that the spectrum of light and shadow (burial and bloom as I call it) is what truly ignites a mindful intention. That is what I offer now.

My readings are not predictive, nor are they focused on the future. Instead, we come into a space of sacred centering, letting the cards call forth needed invitations on that vast spectrum. Together, we work to see where the creative and analytical understandings can be used to grow into new spaces, create new meanings, and shift into nourishment.