Elementor #5765

4 Ways to Work with Crossroads for the Modern Witch If you open any book about spellwork, rituals, or metaphysical practices, chances are good that at some point you will come across the archetype, idea, and physical place that is the crossroads.  Crossroads are significant for a variety of a reasons: Crossroads represent where possibilities […]

The Wild Unknown tarot deck review

A review of a deck that changed the tarot world, and the one that I learned on. Let me start by first saying that this specific deck has been out for a long time now. It is not new, and most people in the tarot world have at least heard of this deck, and many, […]

Transcript of the latest podcast episode

Introduction to the podcast episode Hello there wildling! Welcome to the Tea and Tombstones podcast. Here, we discuss topics in relation to the wild spirit, and we are rewriting the themes of wellness to include the spectrum of hallowed ground we claim within ourselves, and the haunted ground we conquer with reverence and honor. My […]

Strength as #8 in the Major Arcana

The layers and depths that both novice and experienced readers can use within the Major Arcana, and all of the tarot for that matter, to deepen a reader is too much to explain in one blog post. One of the last episodes on the Tea & Tombstones went in depth on the interchanging nature between […]

Rage Spell Handout for you

So, if you have followed any part of my platform you will know that I do not aspire to love and light. I do not have time for that toxic narrative, because I am too busy trying to find ways to work my magick into the places that I think need it. These are often […]

4 tips to read tarot cards in weird positions in a spread

If you are like me, you prefer to use set spreads to read the cards, for you or others. This is because a set spread helps me align the narrative with the cards, and gives me a foundation for reading the cards honestly and clearly. However, even in specific spreads with specific positions, there can […]

I embrace the spectrum of myself, and all my magick

Working with the monthly cards and the affirmation Hello my dear spirits! Here is the blog post for the monthly cards + energies for October. I am trying to get into a habit of creating blogs, and tracking progress (more on that later….), but it is here. The Magician The first card that we are […]

The Monthly Cards for September 2021

Introduction to the cards As September unfolds and sweetly leads us into autumn, the transitional energies are palpable. Coupled with the specific cards that were randomly chosen for this month, September is ushering you into a space of expansive embodiment and movement. The monthly cards are the Chariot and the Green Lady of Y Draig […]

Journaling is the Initiation

Now that we have discussed the pull-reflex the next step in making sure that your tarot readings are unbiased is journaling your initial thoughts, feelings, and responses to the cards. There is no wrong way to do this. Seriously……. The only wrong way to engage with the tarot is through not engaging. It is important, […]