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Card of the Week: Mother of Pentacles


Don’t these talking monkeys know that
Eden has enough to go around?
Plenty in this holy garden, silly monkeys,
Where there’s one you’re bound to divide it.
Right in two. – TOOL


This week the card to focus on is the Mother Of Pentacles (or Queen in other decks). Honestly, I feel like this card came at the perfect time. The Mother of Pentacles is the original mother, or Mother Earth. Here, the mother is pictured as a doe, her fawn curled into her side. The physical realm is alive, mystical, but always vulnerable.

This year is slowly falling into its coffin, the lid drawing in the darkness. A shared feeling is that this year has been particularly hard, and emotionally shaky. Energy to combat these feelings is to nurture with physical energy. It can be easy with Christmas coming to focus on gifts, and material accumulation.

There is nothing wrong with gift giving, or getting in the holiday spirit, but do not lose sight of what is important. Home, family, friends, and investing in the greater good is where this energy will reap rewards that last. Do not confuse consumerism with love. If anything is true about Mother Earth it is: we are all connected. If you are at all concerned with what is happening right now in the world, what can you do to be a light towards the cause?

The Mother of Pentacles also suggest in maintaining a balance between work and home. Each of these are needed, but one in excess can create dysfunction. The underlying theme, in my opinion, is boundaries. This rings true for me right now. I work a lot, and I enjoy my job. However, sometimes I come home and I feel like I have nothing left to give. This week, my goal is find balance and boundaries between work and home.

Moving forward, focus on pragmatism, self awareness, and discipline. Set physical tasks, and follow through. Focus on the physical space, and exercise actions that help shape that space to fit your needs. Independence is needed; a strong mind and a fearless voice reach far. Also, focus on taking care of yourself. Drink more water and tea, move your body, eat good food with good friends, and create your safe space. Now, create harmony for yourself, and those around you.

Let me know how this card soaks into your fabric, and what is successful for you. Follow and share your thoughts or questions. The new year is coming soon. Be kind and be fearless.



Some further tips (these are just tips, if there is something else you find useful, go for it):

Colors: Orange or Yellow are helpful for me in association with this card.

Scents: Lavender is popular. I personally can’t stand lavender, so I opt for evergreen or eucalyptus. Lemon and orange and vanilla are also helpful.

Animal Spirits: bunnybear





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Card of the Week: Reversed 6 of Cups


The energy to focus on last week was self-investment and even perhaps self-preservation. Now that some of that energy has worked itself through the mind, body, and spirit the energy shifts now to the Reversed 6 of cups. Upright, the six of cups represents the young and wild parts of our lives. The parts that are illuminated in golden fondness and possibility.

Reversed the 6 of cups reminds us that we cannot live off these memories alone. It would be wonderful to relive all the happy moments, especially when the energy is in a self-preservation state from last week. Obviously, this is no way to live. It is one thing to remember happy times; it is hindering to completely co-exist in memories alone. There is no room for growth, or for new experiences.

It can be easy, especially during the dark cycle of the year, to crawl into our shells, safe in our confinment. At best this can create a rut that is hard to break. At worst it can create childish expectations that people and situations are doomed to fail, and the cycle starts all over. There may be challenges or upsets left over from the previous week, or longer, but discipline can help achieve a better situation or state of mind.

To combat this energy, the reversed 6 of cups can be a call to action. This card can be seen as a warning that even during this dark part of the year, it is necessary to move forward in small ways so we do not get stuck in the past. Meeting new friends, taking up a new hobby, or reading a new book can be great ways to move forward.

This time of the year I feel an urge to clean and smudge my home. I may not be attempting huge creations in my life, but a clean home, free of negative energy keeps me grounded and free to focus on other things. (I have a previous post on smudging that can be a helpful read.)

Tomorrow, the Full Moon will be in Gemini and the Sun in Sagittarius. These can be seen as polar opposites, but to me there is some freedom in that. The moon in Gemini focuses on contentment with things as they are. This is to say, security. The Sun in Sagittarius helps give energy on expansion. Right now, with this card and the polarizing energy in the planets it is a good time to invest in things that help shake the dust off of our hearts, but keeps us grounded from moving forward full speed. Find balance above all else.

If you have any suggestions or comments on what helps you with this energy please share. If you have questions, please ask. Be safe and be fierce friends.


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Cleansing My Home



I apologize for not writing towards the blog for the past several weeks. Life has been swaying on the pendulum. It is the perfect time to write now about certain things. I must admit that I have been struggling to find the words that I am about to put down for some time.

Simply put I have had strange feelings in my home. There have been moments, usually in the dense underground of nightfall, where I have felt strange and disturbing feelings. I have always equaled this to my life and the situations that I was in. A fight with my boyfriend, a bad day at work, all of these I thought were the reasons behind my feelings. I am accustomed and grateful for shadows. The darker side of life has never troubled me. I have even said here that I have found comfort in this life since childhood, but this is different.

A couple of months ago my boyfriend and I started fostering some kittens with the shelter that I used to work at. We took in five kittens and the mother. About 10 days later we took another kitten, this one orphaned and found alone in a compost pile. The idea was to introduce the orphaned kitten (named Silly due to his bowed legs and polydactyl feet) to the mother and hope that she would accept him and nurse him as well.

Right at the time Silly was introduced to the litter the kittens were starting to wean themselves and slowly starting to eat watered down wet food. We kept Silly, bottle- fed him, and let the litter teach him the play and social cues needed for healthy adulthood.

During this time I was working a retail job, but found a job at another cat shelter as a kennel technician. I gave the mandatory two weeks’ notice, so during this time I was working two jobs. The night before my last day of my retail job I turned off the TV and was heading to bed when I was overcome with that same disturbing presence. It was worse than other times. This time I felt something was deeply wrong. Something in the world, in my life, was not right.

Naively, I chocked it up to my exhaustion, to working two jobs and taking care of six kittens (the mother now gone after the kittens were fully weaned) plus my own three cats and a boyfriend who also works long hours. I told myself that I was being stupid and that nothing was wrong.

The next morning I had to be at the shelter for my morning shift and then the store for my final retail shift. I awoke early and fed Silly his bottle. Holding that sweet spirit in my arms, watching him gulp down formula, I felt so elated that I would have more time to spend with him. I loved him, my boyfriend loved him, we had even talked of keeping him. After his meal I dressed and went to work.

While on lunch I checked my phone and noticed that boyfriend had called multiple times. I called him back and Grizzly told me that he was rushing Silly to the shelter because he was not moving and was lethargic. I quickly told my boss that I had to leave for an emergency.

The vet techs thought he had low blood sugar but Silly started to seize and told my boyfriend to drive ten minutes to the animal hospital and they would be notified of his arrival. I met Grizzly there. He was sitting on a curb outside while they examined Silly. We cried and hoped our precious Silly would come home. We went back in to wait for the results.

Silly did not make it. That was one of the hardest days I can remember. We had bonded with this sweet soul. We went home and grieved, and made sure the other kittens were moving and eating. I did not recall the feeling I had the night before Silly’s death till a couple of weeks later.  I was stunned and confused. I did and do not know if that feeling was a premonition or just a coincidence, but I wanted to take control.

Now I am working on cleansing or smudging my home. I have been researching and there are so many different methods, so I can kind of made my own. First I take four candles and put them in a general place to correlate with the four geographical directions. I put the first one in the North, light it and say, “This light comes from the North, powered by Earth, let my home stand strong and steady, unyielding to negativity.”

Then I light the candle in the East and say, “This light comes from the East, powered by air, keep this negativity from entering through door or window.” Then I move to the South and say, “The light from the South, powered by fire, let it be the light for my home.” Then I move to the West and say, “This light from the West, powered by water, let it wash over this home, bringing positivity.”

After this I burn sage in each room and Frankincense incense. This was my first smudging and the wording and ritual may change over time. I don’t feel the need to follow everything said by other books or blogs. This is my way of finding what works for me and for my home. Feel free to try this or any combination. I will be keeping updates of what follows. Please feel free to ask my any questions or share what works for you. This is for my little Silly, now behind the veil. (Silly is the gray kitten).