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Card of the week: 3 of Swords




As the energy shifts this week, it is time to be honest about some of the emotional pain that can come from the previous week. Last week, the energy was charged, full of vigor to take to the Reversed Hierophant. Now that the some of the battles have been fought, there needs to be some energy given to the casualties in our relationships, boundaries, and expectations.

This is the card where feelings and thoughts collide. Our thoughts may be telling us to do more, do differently, or take on more burdens. It is normal to help, and take on more, but the center cannot always keep up. This is when the anxiety or drowning sensation come in.

Fighting against the status quo is a needed and valiant cause, but it does leave room for vulnerabilities. Not every battle will be won. Others may be critical, judgmental, or unwilling to stay. The ones who do stay may try to tell you to keep your chin up, and how to do it. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to own your pain, to acknowledge your heavy melancholy and the black energy that follows.

Shortcomings are part of reality. Sometimes this creates more shortcomings, more questions, and more attempts to grapple your way out through a dark room. Do not let the ego get comfortable here. Do not let every arrow pointed at you be a kill shot. Deflect what you can, and hold your wound when you are hurt.

A good way to shift from grief is to find a worthy cause, something you love to do, or positive relationships. Find those people or things that will let you be still, and never let them go. There is a delicate balance between holding your grief and swallowing it. Speak honestly about what your pain is, and where it lays its head. Do not try to run from it. Grief will always be in one of the corners of your space. Don’t run, don’t hide, and don’t judge yourself when you look back to see if the shadow is still there.


Some further tips:

Scents: Cedar wood, Frankincense, Rose

Stones: Rose Quarts, Amethyst

Animal Spirits: Butterfly


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Card of the Week: Reversed Hierophant

Reversed Hierophant.jpg

It is time for a breakthrough. As the week cracks away like a white egg, it can either be comforting or unsettling to see how fragile our structure is. There is restriction, less flexibility, and as the clock ticks to the next day it starts all over. With the Hierophant in this position it is time to push away the walls of tradition, and build a boat for unknown tides.

This does not have to mean political or religious (although it can). The bedrock of this energy is finding ways to challenge the status quo. This can be something as personal and trivial as changing the breakfast, or  rebuking the to-do list. Deeper than that, it can be coming to terms with social constructs that do not work, or are intended to only serve a few.

This energy is as deep as the vessel it sits in. If this does mean changing a political, social, or religious ideology, find yourself where you are in that paradigm and move from there. Last week there were delays in situations and circumstances. This week is about movement. This week is about choice.

There is nothing in this card saying that you have to challenge everything. If you choose to challenge nothing, and all that surrounds you is working, that is great. But if you feel like your boundaries, your creative space, or your personal light are being shut down, find ways to retaliate.

Much of this energy is about comfort. Is it comfortable to be held under by a metaphorical fist, or it is less comfortable to speak out. The beauty of this energy is that there is no right way for all people. Each person has to come to terms with her or his own reckoning. Each person has to face her or his or authoritarians, and determine if this is the right place to stay.

For this week find the social, political, personal, spiritual, or mental wall you want to see over. Once you find that wall, don’t grab a ladder. Grab a hammer. In your own way, in your own space, tear down that wall down brick by brick. Please share your comments, questions, thoughts, and don’t forget to hit the follow button. Stay strong!


Some further tips:

Scents: Lime, Lilac

Stones: Obsidian

Animal Spirit: Snake and Tiger


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Card of the week: Reversed 6 of Wands



I am sorry that I did not post last week with a card to focus on. Last week I had to take some time to focus on some work issues that have been causing me some stress. This post may be coming late into the evening, but it is here. This is card, in this position, brings some upheaval, but like the picture we can break through the fray.

On the surface, this card challenges us to take a step back, to adjust. The emotional turbulence right now is as strong as gravity, and can fit into something as small as a conversation. The energy is beseeching each person to find victories, but there are setbacks.

On a personal level, this card speaks to the potential delays. Perhaps more frustrating is that many of these delays are not ours to control. It is a hard fact that despite trying to be mindful and cooperative, we can leave ourselves open to a forceful strike, even friendly fire. We keep fighting, trying to set things right, but outcome is not hinged on one person alone.

In this space it can betray our intentions, and our energy. This card makes us channel the hours, words, and creative energy we have spent working towards singular and collective success, and weighs it against our self- image and even perhaps our self- worth. Do not let this be a deterrant. We cannot control others, but we can control how we respond. We can detach from the situation, we can focus on the other things around us that we can control. We can keep putting positive energy out, if it only is for the fact that we don’t want to be negative.

This card does seem to be an affirmation that we can only do what we can do. Keep doing it. If there is a delay, find ways to still be creative. If there is a conflict, seek fairness, but do not undo your strands of integrity. Never let anyone or anything keep you away from your momentum. Breathe. Breathe again.

Here are some further tips:

Scents: Ylang- Ylang, Jasmine, Eucalyptus

Colors: Pink and green

Stones: Jade and Aquamarine

Spirit animals:


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The Stanley Hotel Ghost Tour

I know this post is WAY overdue. I have been trying to get the pictures uploaded, and workable on to my computer, but more on that later. In 2016, Grizzly and I decided that each Halloween we would travel to some location known for it’s haunted and spooky nature. For our first trip, we only a needed a short drive up the mountain road to Estes Park, Colorado.

The Stanley Hotel still stands, a white legend in the mountainside. Infamous for the iconic movie The Shining, which is still one of the scariest movies I have seen to date, the Stanley had a haunted history before then. We did not stay at the Stanley for our whole trip. We stayed at a cozy (and much cheaper) lodge that had direct access to the river. We bought tickets months before to the Ghost Tour for November 1st (Halloween night was already sold out).



At first, I was just taken away by how beautiful the hotel was. The building, the mountain view, the old antique feel to all of it was incomparable. If I could be allowed, I would live in that building. We checked in and joined the group to begin the tour. The guide told us about the history of the hotel, and all its haunts. We were taken to some of the more “haunted rooms” and told about different spirits that roamed the many buildings on the property.

The ballroom is a building that was a favorite of Flora Stanley, the wife of Freelan O. Stanley. Over the years, it is said that a piano can be heard playing in the late hours of a dark night, when no one is the building. Here we noticed a perfumed smell on occasion, even when we were alone and not with the group. There was also a room in the ballroom where I got a strange feeling. It wasn’t a malicious or scary feeling, but it was heavy.


pictures 613 (2).jpg

After the ballroom, we were taken to the Lodge (or Stanley Manor). Here is where Freelan had a billiard room, and a lounge room. In the billiard room I was able to catch a moving orb! This the first orb I have captured myself. The weird part is that I didn’t see the orb with the naked eye, and when I tried to upload the picture from my phone to my computer, the pictures did not want to cooperate. They would not scale or rotate properly. These pictures are the first where I have experienced an orb personally!



In these three pictures the orb moved in the pictures, but was not seen by the naked eye.


I enjoyed the ghost tour, but I would like to take on more personal approaches to the paranormal. This, to me, was the equivalent of dipping my toes into the water. It was memorable, and deeper than just an experience. It tapped into my mind a door that is opening to different part of our world.

Until the next haunt . . .


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Card of the Week: 10 of Wands



And every demon wants his pound of flesh

But I like to keep some things to myself

I like to keep my issues drawn

It’s always darkest before the dawn ~ Florence + the Machine

This week the energy is hung with hard work and accomplishments. Goals are stitched from the fabric of the daily grind and the discipline to keep going, but it still may not seem like the time to celebrate. This is the card that represents the climb we make to see the view. Once there we must shake the sweat and move again. We cannot stay.

This is the card that speaks to challenges and sacrifices. Neither is easy, but both are needed. The battles that are worth fighting for, will be the hardest ones to win. Other things will have to be handed back, but once the battle is won, life will never be the same. The victory will be sweet and transformative. New challenges will come, but this means new victories, and new goals.

This does not mean that each of us is at odds with our relationships, our jobs, our communities, or our world. This is not completely a tale of woe. It could mean that the load has fallen mostly on those willing, and others pick up the small pieces that were dropped in the effort to never let go. Don’t be either. Don’t be the person that is clenching tightly to responsibilities, and don’t be the person who idles behind. Above all, do not hold onto pride. If help can be given, give it. If help is needed, ask for it.

Obviously this card has a multitude of meaning. Depending on where it falls in a single reading, the meaning can change. For this week, this card shows us that with our goals and creative endeavors being met means that there is now more work. If this means weeks or hours, apply the same amount of work that is going to give balance. Let go of some of the burdens, but keep your spirits.

Tens are about completion, and new structures. Don’t be afraid to shed some responsibilities, people, or the status quo. We are not here to do all the work, but we are also not here to neglect the challenges to change us. I hope this reveals some things for the week ahead. Stay fearless!

Some further tips:

Colors: Red

Stones: Quartz and Jade

Spirit Animals:


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Card of the Week: Reversed 9 of Pentacles

Reversed 9 of pentacles.jpg

Running, end, earth, swimming, edge, sea, laughing, under, starry sky
This world was meant for me.
Don’t bury me, carry me.
I wish I was a nomad, an Indian, or a saint.
The edge of death would disappear, leave me nothing to taint.
I wish I was a nomad, an Indian, or a saint.
Give me walking shoes, feathered arms, and a key to heaven’s gate.
This world falls on me with hopes of immortality
Everywhere I turn all the beauty just keeps shaking me. ~Indigo Girls **World Falls**

Good evening, and happy new year! The beginning of the new year can bring many shifts, both pleasing and troubling. I find the new year to bring a huge void of energy. I find myself in a stupor for a few days, feeling more tired than liberated.

The first card to focus on this week is the reversed 9 of Pentacles.  Pentacles focus on materials, finances, and the physical realm. In the reversed position, this card speaks to over-indulgence or neglect in these, and other, areas. Working hard and money in the bank are necessities, but do not let the dollar amounts override your inner voice.

I chose the above quote because I feel this speaks to the need to focus on now what we have, but what we can do with it. Money is a blessing, and is needed here and now, but if overworked and unable to focus on that which we love, what good is it? If the inner- voice is saying to back away, to calm down, to unfold, no amount of money can change that if we don’t listen.

Prosperity is a word I have seen in numerous places lately. For a new year, prosperity brings a sense of change. Prosperity is so many things, and humans are so complex. Let’s find the many reasons that rings this word true. Do not let the burden you carry this year be the distance between your life and the things you love. Be mindful of what you need, and how you can achieve it.

For this week, the energy should shift into the deeper, and the sub-conscious. The materials possessions will be there, and they are precious in their own way, but do they carry us? Our material world and indulgence will not be the road where we find ourselves. Do not let a façade carve you.

Some further tips:

Color: Indigo and lavender

Stone: Garnet, Amber

Scents: Bayberry

Animal Spirit:

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Card of the Week: 10 of Swords

10 of swords.jpg

“We’ll get sad it’s time we’ve come to the end
We’ve circled around our doom
And I won’t stop, not till I get what I want
And all that I want is you
In a strange place
When the sun goes down, we move
Into a strange phase
Like we’ve got nothing left to lose.” ~ +++CROSSES
Sorry for the day delay. I should start this blog by telling you how I choose the card of the week. I do a reading and afterwards I pull a card without reshuffling the deck. I do this because I want to be mindful that my energy is a part of something more, and contributes to the larger picture.
The energy for this week will be an upheaval. Good energy or bad, the amount will be the same. The 10 of swords forces us to pull apart our stitching and see what lies underneath. The image alone conjures a sense of trepidation. A bull has nine swords embedded in the back and sides, and one that penetrates through the eyes. On the surface, this would seem to indicate that something important has been lost.
I find a deeper meaning with the 10th sword. The eyesight is lost, and the bull has suffered, but now the focus must shift. Obi- Wan Kenobi tells Luke  in A NEW HOPE that eyes can deceive, and to not trust them.The dependence on the visuals can lead to assumptions or impulsiveness. Visually, we take so much in that our core can become overloaded, but by turning inwards to the core, there is a lot to learn and reveal.
This is the hard part. It can become uncomfortable, even ugly, but that is how a new cycle begins. There is a lot of ugliness in the world, but through resilience we can shed a little light on ourselves. Purge what is hurtful, toxic, and even shallow. It is impossible to fix everything, but draw from the previous weeks of sitting still and nurturing. Find clarity and discipline.
There will be more tough times, and the bottom may be the foundation, but strength in this moment is a weapon down the road.
Further tips (just tips, find what works for you):
Colors: Orange, white and black.
Scents: Frankincense, lemon, and jasmine. These scents help bring clarity, and purge unwanted negative energy.


Animal Spirits: The raven represents deeper consciousness, and either a messenger or good or bad news. The buffalo historically represents survival.


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Card of the Week: Mother of Pentacles


Don’t these talking monkeys know that
Eden has enough to go around?
Plenty in this holy garden, silly monkeys,
Where there’s one you’re bound to divide it.
Right in two. – TOOL


This week the card to focus on is the Mother Of Pentacles (or Queen in other decks). Honestly, I feel like this card came at the perfect time. The Mother of Pentacles is the original mother, or Mother Earth. Here, the mother is pictured as a doe, her fawn curled into her side. The physical realm is alive, mystical, but always vulnerable.

This year is slowly falling into its coffin, the lid drawing in the darkness. A shared feeling is that this year has been particularly hard, and emotionally shaky. Energy to combat these feelings is to nurture with physical energy. It can be easy with Christmas coming to focus on gifts, and material accumulation.

There is nothing wrong with gift giving, or getting in the holiday spirit, but do not lose sight of what is important. Home, family, friends, and investing in the greater good is where this energy will reap rewards that last. Do not confuse consumerism with love. If anything is true about Mother Earth it is: we are all connected. If you are at all concerned with what is happening right now in the world, what can you do to be a light towards the cause?

The Mother of Pentacles also suggest in maintaining a balance between work and home. Each of these are needed, but one in excess can create dysfunction. The underlying theme, in my opinion, is boundaries. This rings true for me right now. I work a lot, and I enjoy my job. However, sometimes I come home and I feel like I have nothing left to give. This week, my goal is find balance and boundaries between work and home.

Moving forward, focus on pragmatism, self awareness, and discipline. Set physical tasks, and follow through. Focus on the physical space, and exercise actions that help shape that space to fit your needs. Independence is needed; a strong mind and a fearless voice reach far. Also, focus on taking care of yourself. Drink more water and tea, move your body, eat good food with good friends, and create your safe space. Now, create harmony for yourself, and those around you.

Let me know how this card soaks into your fabric, and what is successful for you. Follow and share your thoughts or questions. The new year is coming soon. Be kind and be fearless.



Some further tips (these are just tips, if there is something else you find useful, go for it):

Colors: Orange or Yellow are helpful for me in association with this card.

Scents: Lavender is popular. I personally can’t stand lavender, so I opt for evergreen or eucalyptus. Lemon and orange and vanilla are also helpful.

Animal Spirits: bunnybear





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Card of the Week: Reversed 6 of Cups


The energy to focus on last week was self-investment and even perhaps self-preservation. Now that some of that energy has worked itself through the mind, body, and spirit the energy shifts now to the Reversed 6 of cups. Upright, the six of cups represents the young and wild parts of our lives. The parts that are illuminated in golden fondness and possibility.

Reversed the 6 of cups reminds us that we cannot live off these memories alone. It would be wonderful to relive all the happy moments, especially when the energy is in a self-preservation state from last week. Obviously, this is no way to live. It is one thing to remember happy times; it is hindering to completely co-exist in memories alone. There is no room for growth, or for new experiences.

It can be easy, especially during the dark cycle of the year, to crawl into our shells, safe in our confinment. At best this can create a rut that is hard to break. At worst it can create childish expectations that people and situations are doomed to fail, and the cycle starts all over. There may be challenges or upsets left over from the previous week, or longer, but discipline can help achieve a better situation or state of mind.

To combat this energy, the reversed 6 of cups can be a call to action. This card can be seen as a warning that even during this dark part of the year, it is necessary to move forward in small ways so we do not get stuck in the past. Meeting new friends, taking up a new hobby, or reading a new book can be great ways to move forward.

This time of the year I feel an urge to clean and smudge my home. I may not be attempting huge creations in my life, but a clean home, free of negative energy keeps me grounded and free to focus on other things. (I have a previous post on smudging that can be a helpful read.)

Tomorrow, the Full Moon will be in Gemini and the Sun in Sagittarius. These can be seen as polar opposites, but to me there is some freedom in that. The moon in Gemini focuses on contentment with things as they are. This is to say, security. The Sun in Sagittarius helps give energy on expansion. Right now, with this card and the polarizing energy in the planets it is a good time to invest in things that help shake the dust off of our hearts, but keeps us grounded from moving forward full speed. Find balance above all else.

If you have any suggestions or comments on what helps you with this energy please share. If you have questions, please ask. Be safe and be fierce friends.