Celebrating Rituals and Other Mothers

Dear Wolflings, In my studies, I have had the privilege of learning and working with many people on many topics. One that rings out to me is Aromatherapy in particular. I love using this oils in all ways that I can, and I have found that many oils in working with the tarot has heightened […]

2 of Swords and Eucalyptus

I am always thinking of correlations between the tarot cards and the world, reducing and extrapolating the meaning of a card into a synergistic relationship with something else. This could be a poem, a quote, a movie character, a crystal, or an essential oil. I have recently started using a lot more oils in my […]

Essential Oil Workings: Fennel and Lavender

  Dear Wolflings, I am sorry for a little bit of a digital absence. School has started again for summer classes….and these classes are a doozy. I am taking Anatomy 1 and Statistics as part of the core curriculum towards my Holistic Health degree. Neither of these classes are in my wheelhouse of comfort. I […]