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Celebrating Rituals and Other Mothers

Dear Wolflings,

In my studies, I have had the privilege of learning and working with many people on many topics. One that rings out to me is Aromatherapy in particular. I love using this oils in all ways that I can, and I have found that many oils in working with the tarot has heightened and intensified my practice.

I am particularly into Basil right now because it is the oil that reminds me of the Mother of Cups. I will be doing a blog soon about the different ways I have been using Basil oil. But I want to talk about an event that I want to celebrate and share with you all.

Michele and Loretta are two women I know, and they are hosting a beginner’s class all about essentials oils, the uses, benefits, and knowledge of where to get good oils, and it ends with everyone making their own dream pillow.

This class is only $17.00, and you are getting some great knowledge about the topic. I want to share and celebrate others in this world who are helping to promote these topics that promote our higher well-being.

Check out the picture below for all the details. Stay Wild Wolflings!


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2 of Swords and Eucalyptus

I am always thinking of correlations between the tarot cards and the world, reducing and extrapolating the meaning of a card into a synergistic relationship with something else. This could be a poem, a quote, a movie character, a crystal, or an essential oil. I have recently started using a lot more oils in my personal and spiritual life, and I wanted to see how oils were connected. How did the smell of an oil invoke the memory of a card? How did the impression create the path towards an image, even if they seem so unrelated?2 of swords and eucalyptus

Because the 2 of Swords is the tarot card of the month, I really want to find an oil that represented and resonated the core qualities of this card. As mentioned in my card description which can be found here, I recognized that one of the things that always sticks out to me about the 2 of Swords is the duality. Even the picture of the The Wild Unknown deck has both the Sun and the Moon. The two swords are crossed, either in a protective or attack position, and the Sun is behind the swords, but a full moon blocks the light.

This, at its surface, represents to me both the need for truth and action, intuition and conviction. The light of the Sun brings forth the truth, however harsh, but the moon represents the intuitive, the fluid nature of numerous cycles and ripples or movement in water. This suggests that the truth is attainable, but a core part of ourselves may be blocking that truth. We may think we have come into the light, but there is still a resilient shadow. In order to be skillful, calculated, or effective on our path we need both. Why then does this card feel so hard? I think the answer lies in the number. We have only just begun. Like those who learn the skill of the sword, they must move with the sword and learn the bite of the edge. Those who use the sword must not rely only upon talent or teaching. That will go a long way, but the presence of the moon speaks to finding intuition in movement, learning to trust the path, even if it is not what it seems.

How then does this relate to the chosen oil, Eucalyptus? In order for the duality of both truth and intuition to be in equilibrium, there needs to be as little resistance as possible. There is needs to be clam understanding, calm approach, and a molding of both protection and action. This is why I think of the 2 of the Swords when I smell Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus heals, reduces pain or inflammation, has a slight converging of sweetness and bite.

Eucalyptus can also tend to be overpowering, which is why little is key. Which is where we are at when we enter the 2 of Swords. We have just begun to materialize our vision, dream, or idea. We need to focus on the small amounts that help us grow and start a dialog, and not drown ourselves down with the excess.

Thank you so much for reading, let me know your thoughts in the the comments. Stay wild Wolflings!

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Essential Oil Workings: Fennel and Lavender


fennel and lavender

Dear Wolflings,

I am sorry for a little bit of a digital absence. School has started again for summer classes….and these classes are a doozy. I am taking Anatomy 1 and Statistics as part of the core curriculum towards my Holistic Health degree. Neither of these classes are in my wheelhouse of comfort. I am excited to take them and to broaden my studies further, but it is already a bit of a struggle.

I use essential oils a lot at home, and I thought I would start mentioning some of the ones that I use most, or currently use. Essential oils are the Earth’s pharmacy, but I am not advocating for a disconnect from Western medicine entirely. If you ever need a trained medical physician, please seek them out. Mental, physical, or emotional stigma and judgement against needing any sort of medicine is bullshit. I like to approach all forms of medicine equally, and essential oils are one of my most cherished.

Both of these classes require a lot of memorizing, retaining, and deep understanding of how the individual connects to the whole. Because of this, I have been reaching for Fennel and Lavender frequently. These scents together have been a nice bedtime remedy, but both of these can become quite pungent, so use sparingly!!!

Lavender is actually a scent that I do not care for. I mostly use it in my steam diffuser or face oil. Lavender does not need many words from me as it is one of the most recognized oils or fragrance. It is calming, balances the planes of the body (i.e. physical, mental), and harmonizes. It helps encourage a kind of homeostasis in our hearts and psyches. It is for these reasons that I love to put Lavender in my nighttime diffusion. Everything down to my bones eases into a more comfortable and whole presence. I wake feeling less groggy and more combined in all my faculties.

Fennel smells a lot like licorice. If you are not a fan of that scent, I would use only in a diffuser, or find an alternative. Fennel is quickly becoming one of my favorites though. I use more Fennel and less Lavender because Fennel is an essential oil that is great for mental clarity, retention, and recollection. It helps to stabilize the mental faculties and ground the rest of the body, so the mind can have more exploration. Both of these oils are also helpful in dream work and subconscious retention.

I use these oils to help my mind find harmony and clarity from the stress of the day, but I also want to capitalize on the memory retention of the brain during sleep to hold on to the knowledge from my studies. These oils drop the body down into deeper sleep, but free the mind to work into metaphor what I have learned. If you do not have either of these fragrances you can use many others including Jasmine, Rosemary, Basil, Lemon, and others. Many sites will suggest Sandalwood, but I am trying to work away from using or relying on Sandalwood in my practice because Sandalwood trees are currently listed as vulnerable because they are so heavily used and impacted by deforestation, market use, and climate change.

The Fennel was purchased from Sage Goddess, and can be found at Sage Goddess is an amazing site where you can find SOOOO much for any sort of spiritual medicine. The Lavender came from Tenswall, although I bought it through Amazon. I don’t believe they sell essential oils anymore. These are not affiliate links.

If you work with these scents, please let me know how you love to use them. If you have questions, let me know. Stay Wild Wolfling!