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Rage Spell Handout for you

A rage spell to meet the bullshit with your fierce and powerful rage

So, if you have followed any part of my platform you will know that I do not aspire to love and light. I do not have time for that toxic narrative, because I am too busy trying to find ways to work my magick into the places that I think need it. These are often the places that fill me with rage and hurt and pain. That is why I bring my magick to these dark corners. My magick is a voice, and my voice is going to reverberate in those places that need a good shakedown.

I believe the same is true with you. I believe that the world needs the voice of your magick to go into the dark corners that enrage you and shake loose the bullshit.

That is why I made this rage spell, for you to take and make your own for whatever is creating rage in your personal life, against your community and loved ones, or the world you wish and dream of being a reality.

The spell

This spell was inspired by different sources (all will be listed below), and I took the sources and worked them into my own narratives. Please do the same again as you need to make it completely and authentically your own.

Click here for the download link

I mentioned this in the document itself, but I think it bears repeating. You can used pieces of paper with the names of the focus of your rage. You can use pictures. You can use items or symbols that represent the focus of your rage. For instance, on TikTok, I wrote down the Supreme Court, the NRA, and a picture of Brett Kavanaugh. If you are going to use an image, please make sure that you are purchasing it or acquiring from a person or corporation whose profits continue to hurt and oppress others.

For instance, if your image is the red MAGA hat, please don’t buy. Use a picture or name. Purchasing of items like these only further benefit those who shouldn’t profit anything from your beautiful magick. Also, make sure that before, during, and after the spell, you are tending to yourself.

This spell can bring up a lot of emotions, as it should, but make sure that you tend and nourish your body and spirit so that you can continue to show up for yourself, community, and the world.

Finally, don’t let ANYONE gaslight your rage. If this spell isn’t for you, that’s completely okay. If this spell needs a lot of work to get it where you need it to be, I love that. If you love this spell, and can’t wait to try, I want to hear about it! But, never let anyone say your rage should be turned down or off to make yourself more appeasable, approachable, amenable to others.

I love you wildling! Keep raging. If you want to see the spell in action, it is pinned on my TikTok

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The Monthly Cards for September 2021

Are you ready to be called in?

Introduction to the cards

As September unfolds and sweetly leads us into autumn, the transitional energies are palpable. Coupled with the specific cards that were randomly chosen for this month, September is ushering you into a space of expansive embodiment and movement.

The monthly cards are the Chariot and the Green Lady of Y Draig Goch. From these cards, the tarot affirmation came forward immediately. It dropped into me like a stone in a river. The affirmation for September is: The universe calls me in, and I answer.

Both the tarot cards, and the affirmation that grew out of those two, are opening many themes and energies that you can use to bloom what your spirit needs, and to bury what needs to be released. Some of the key themes that come with these chosen cards are:

The Chariot

What a beautiful card to represent the transitional phases, both figuratively and literally. The Chariot follows the Lovers, and this is an important invitation of its own.


The Lovers speaks to sacred connection. I am not talking about romantic relationships. I am talking about the chemical alchemy that is love. Love is the chemical pull on each of us in some form. Love is a form of gravity because it holds us in a way that no other force can. This could show up as a romantic relationship, but as I mentioned in the podcast (which you can find and listen to here), the Lovers is the card that show up when something is pulling on our spirit to engage and connect with on the most intimate of levels.

What does that have to do with the Chariot?

It has everything to do with the Chariot because once you feel the pull on your spirit from the Lovers, you can then see and lean into the pull of the Universe. This is a pull that is still wrapped in love, intimate and heartfelt, but it is a little different. The Chariot is the card that speaks to intimate devotion to those feelings and pulls. The Chariot is the card that comes forward when you are being asked to move with that sacred connection into a deeper understanding, a more cosmic connection, or a higher form of alignment.

The Chariot from all my decks (from top left to bottom right): Herbcrafter’s Tarot, Hush Tarot, Ostara Tarot, The Wild Unknown, The Dragon Tarot, The Mystical Dream Tarot

The Green Lady of Y Draig Goch

Y Draig Goch translates into the Welsh words for “red dragon.” The red dragon is a powerful symbol to the history, culture, and people of Wales. Flown over government buildings since the decree by Queen Elizabeth in 1959, the Red Dragon has become a symbol of lasting power, and sovereign rule after the Romans withdrew from Britain. You can read more about the history of the red dragon by clicking the links at the end of the blog under the Research Heading.

The Green Lady holds her own historical story. Legend goes a green lady (princess Alice of Agouleme) haunts the largest castle in Wales, Caerphilly Castle. Married to Gilbert de Clare (also known as the Red Earl), she fell in love with another prince, and soon the affair was found, and both died. Since then, Alice green ghost haunts the castle halls, seeking the love she briefly had that was true.

I mention these historical and mythological narratives in relation to this card, because the affirmation that comes with this card is You are the chosen one.

I will not say that everything in this world relates to fate, but when I work with this card, I feel a sense of awakening. There are certain things in life that show up and speak to us, call on our energy because it is part of our spirit’s purpose. This card says that everything is connected, including you to the very world you move through.

There are callings that choose us, need our help, and when we invite those callings in, we can feel a alignment clicking in, like a key that unlocks a door. We are all chosen for something. We are all a part of energies that we cannot fully explain in, or away. They are with us, the mystery leading us further into both our own myths, and our own truths.

File:Welsh Dragon (Y Ddraig Goch).svg - Wikimedia Commons
The Red Dragon of Wales / Y Ddraig Goch

Energies for September

With a brief introduction to the cards, the invitations are speaking to a narrative of spirit purpose, being called in by the universe, and moving from sacred devotion into what is past the known, the comfortable, or the immediate.

These cards show that the bridge between what you hold divine, and what is here with you are often the same things. You forge that bridge through your intentions, your magick, and your calls to act both from a place of purpose, and of power.

For the rest of this month, see how certain energies pull on your spirit to do, to be, to embody, and much more. These are the keys that, once clicked in the locked door, can lead you towards things you may have dreamed of, or not, but they are profound shifters and change-makers for you and the Universe.

What connects you into a place of symbiosis? What magick naturally unfolds when your presence and awareness is elevated?

Tarot affirmation for September based on the monthly cards

The affirmation for this month was drawn from these two cards, again speaking to the way connection and purpose walk hand-in-hand when we move with intention and magick. Once you unlock the first door, another will appear. The quest to connect with the Universe, all the cosmic energies, and all on this earthly plane is never-ending.

In this body, in this lifetime, you can and are being invited for this month to really see where those doors lead. After we leave one form of matter, the cycle begins again.

In closing this blog, I wish to say that there is so much more that I can write and say about this. That is part of my purpose with my spirit and my body in this lifetime: to speak to these energies in the ways that I can. The universe is calling you in, asking you to take the rest of the month and see what speaks to your spirit, your soul, your most intimate and divine nature?

It won’t be heard all at once, but over time, you will almost feel a sense of wind at your back and your spirit the soft sail. This is that dear whispering of cosmic forces, asking you to take at least one step away from the shore. Use these cards as a way to channel this force forward. XOXO

Further work with these cards

If this post spoke to your wild spirit, I invite to take in the other offerings in relation to the monthly cards that I have created.

If you want to listen to the podcast episode, click here to be directed to the episode.

Patrons get even more of the fierce magick every month, including spells and additional podcast content. Become a patron and take in these exclusive offerings.


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Journaling is the Initiation

Journaling is the Initiation

Now that we have discussed the pull-reflex

the next step in making sure that your tarot readings are unbiased is journaling your initial thoughts, feelings, and responses to the cards.

There is no wrong way to do this. Seriously…….

The only wrong way to engage with the tarot is through not engaging. It is important, especially in making sure that you are giving yourself an unbiased reading, that you are taking notes or documenting the way you work and interact with you cards.

This doesn’t have to be some long poetic diatribe on each and every card. It can be a list, bullet points, pictures, connections to things like colors, songs, or memories.

Why is journaling the initiation?

Journaling is the initiation between you and the cards because it shows the natural and free-flowing thoughts and emotions that come through in that moment. It shows the nuance.

Each day that you engage with the tarot there is a difference in energy, and in connection. It may not be exactly “correct”, but as a tarot reader I believe that correctness should not come before perfection. That is why every reader, no matter how many books, courses, or workshops they attend will have those slight differences in their own interpretation and understanding of the cards.

If you journal in the morning, at night, during a moon ritual, return to your latest journal entries and then write down how the card came forward in actuality. This is why I think it is important not to strive for complete correctness. That can create expectations of the ways that the cards are going to flow in your life, and when they don’t adhere to that expectation (and they never will), you find yourself questioning even more.

So, return to your latest journal entry, and check in. Write down how the card(s) actually came forward. Document how your initiation contained similarities, differences, complete out-of-the-blue surprises with the cards. This is the connection forming in real time. What a beautiful thing!

Some things to consider when journaling about the cards:

  • It is important to date each entry. That way you have a roadmap of your personal path with the tarot. How beautiful is that?
  • No matter the format (handwritten, electronic, art-inspired), keep your entries. Return to them, read them again, see the similarities and the differences between you and the cards from that space now in the past, and the present moment.
  • You can use your journal entries to compile a set of notes that form a clear-running connection with the cards.

After you have engaged with your latest entry, and some of your earliest ones, you will start to see the threads forming that encourage a deeper understanding of how the cards come forward for you. You will see the ways in which your free-flowing initiation was spot-on. These are the times when your intuition (whether felt or not) was speaking to you. Other times, you will see that your entries are completely out of alignment. This could be a time when ego was present, when a feeling was not fully worked through, or any other situation that could have altered the understanding.

Don’t get discouraged at these moments. These are the ways you really learn the tarot. It isn’t in some book or course. It is in the precious and intimate unfolding each day, seeing where you are truly in alignment, and where you need to connect more deeply to intuition.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for the next blog post in creating an unbiased connection to your cards. Don’t forget to sign up for the Trust the Tarot booklet which is designed specifically to help you engage with the tarot in this way.

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How to respond to the Hermit when you feel aren’t getting what you want or need from the card

black and gray lantern

As we close out the month of March, I wanted to share some thoughts about working with the Hermit, showing up to this invited space even when we feel that we aren’t immediately getting what we want or need from this card. What I know today about this card is this: this month has been extremely profound in helping me work with this card, and I hope that my words share and spread the completeness of this card to you.

In this blog post, my goal is to show and share some ways to respond when the Hermit comes up for you in reading, or if you are working with it in depth. I find this to be a needed discussion in all of the tarot. We pull the cards, and we want the instant epiphany, the lighting bolt of clarity. Often, our work with these cards is much more obscure, two steps forward and one step back. I have written a detailed bio of this card, which you can access by clicking here, or by heading to the The Wild Unknown Card Meanings tab in my menu to see all the written insights I have uploaded thus far.

In working with the Hermit, it is important to ask yourself what you really want to gain. What you do wish the Hermit to do for you? What is needed when this card comes forward? By gaining clarity on what is lacking in the intimate workings with this card, you can better gauge where you need to sit with the energies. As I have mentioned before, the Hermit is not merely about retreating into stillness. This card, ruled by Virgo, is a card of internal working and tending. If you have felt unwilling to confront the darkness, that may be the first place to sit with this card. If you are still stuck, the Hermit is a card of collaboration. How can you initiate collaboration with this card?

The Hermit from the Hush Tarot deck shows an owl sitting on a branch, surrounded by external man-made things, architecture and barbed wire and nails. The Owl is not disturbed. He is of the whole earth. The internal mechanism within is revealed, speaking to the tending and adapting of nature and artifact in order to repair and rebuild as needed.

One of the best ways to respond to the Hermit when you feel like you aren’t getting what you want or need is to work with the seasons. The seasons are cycles that embody natural law. The seasons turn and change subtly even from wet to dry, from cold to warm. The seasons in relation to the Hermit can help us drop in to internal manifestations. We are different between winter summer. Our bodies respond differently to these changing currents. What energies are you feeling within the season of your landscape? What kind of work, action, or choice does the season inspire in you?

If you do not want to work with the seasons, work with the Moon. The Moon is another cycle of natural order, and can have a profound effect on the shuffling of our own energies. These larger cycles and turns of our world are great ways to embody the Hermit, and really sit with the invitations, because that is what the Hermit is exactly about, collaborating with the energies that are here and present in order to gain wisdom and emerge into the interconnective fabric with a willingness to create change.

Moon cycles and season cycles speak to moving, breathing life of the natural world. Each of us are one piece of this living thing, but the Hermit shows us that the importance we carry in being a steward for these cycles is beyond compare. When we realize how interconnected we are in the totality of ourselves, we can see how we can be the bringers of wisdom and light.

Apart from working with seasons and Moon cycles, I highly encourage you when working with the Hermit to write your narrative down. Write down or document what is needing expression within. Journal. Create art. Write a song or poem. Write your name again and again. This form of working with the Hermit is vital because one key element with Virgo is a sense of organization and detail. For me, I cannot overly organize my life or I start to feel restricted. However, when I organize my thoughts and feelings in to organized language and expression, I feel I am embodying the most beautiful part of the Hermit.

Write or document your thoughts and feelings, and return to them at a later time. See how much even in a week can change or develop your understanding of any given situation. This is Hermit work, to commit to the self as to commit to any other relationship or interconnective thread. See where your feast and famine sit within you, and feed the hungry wolves that lie in wait. It isn’t about retreating. It is about connecting your whole self to larger forces to be influential to the cycles of the community, and the world.

Through writing and documenting your thoughts and feelings, you are connecting with yourself in fullness. You may not get every little word out or thought down, but you create the space to engage and understand. You create the space to acknowledge and adapt. This is some of the hardest work to be done on the self. Many avoid this confrontation, and it is obvious.

One final thing that I want to say on the Hermit, and responding to this cards appearance is to not rush. There is no rush to understanding, to gaining wisdom, to being a bringer of light. There is no destination to wokeness, to change, to enlightenment. We are always changing and turning, just as the world does the same. That means we are always teachers and students to the darkness and the light. We are ever evolving. Do not rush this work. Root into your sacred center and breathe. That is all you can ever do, for yourself, or for the world.

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Imbolc and Hera: Teachings on the Link between Death and Joy

Blessed Imbolc

Today is Imbolc (also known as Candlemas)- a Celtic day of celebration and a calendar marking the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the coming Spring Equinox. This time is ripe with the seeds of joy and the grief of what has been lost, left behind with Winter. As we look to, and embrace the fecund light, we still feel the cold hands of loss within our bones.

It is typical on this day to call in Brigid- the Celtic goddess of creativity, the Sun, sacred fire, poetry, and the hearth. However, sitting down with the energies of the Imbolc, I feel called to call in Hera.

In this post, I will discuss some of the ways you can embrace the beauty of Imbolc and some of the teachings with Hera, and why I chose to call her in.

The Teachings of Imbolc:

There are many different ways to celebrate Imbolc; in fact, there is no one true way to celebrate this day. However, there are some key themes that come up in plethora of literature. I have included a few ways to embrace this day, but this list is by no means exhaustive.

  • Light a candle: A candle symbolizes the growing light, illuminating that which has been hidden in the depth and darkness of winter.
  • Honor the Goddess Brigid: making the Brigid’s cross, or placing a Bridey doll on your altar. Brigid is the triple Goddess, but Imbolc honors the Maiden state. She is also the goddess of wells and waterways, so cleansing ritual baths or time with both water and earth honors the state of coming fertility
  • Celebration through food: Food, seeds, and drink celebrate the gift of life. Make or celebrate the joys here and now through feasting.
  • Divination: As the light grows, so does clarity. The liminal space of both light and dark allows a connection between the spectrum. Use any divination tool you may wish to honor and embrace the liminal and the magickal.
  • Milk offering: Milk + milk substitutes + water can be used as a libation to signify the gift and gratitude of nourishment.

Click on these links to see and read from the resources that I used for this list.

What does this have to do with Hera?

So, what does this Celtic day have to do with Hera, the Greek Goddess? Why am I choosing to specifically call in Hera on this day? There is two reasons. One, Hera has been coming up a lot for me in my own personal space. I do not take her invitation lightly, and I am happy to oblige this growing between us. Two, because one of the energies that I am really feeling into on this Imbolc is the cornerstone between Death and Life.

Imbolc is a beautiful day, and there is so much to be grateful for. The symbolism of coming life, of earth warming and loosening, and of nourishment no longer as a promise is gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want nourishment as a stable force in their lives? However, Imbolc also reminds us of what has died in the cold hands of Winter. It is a reminder that as much as we relish and embrace joy, so to must we contend with the stabs of pain.

Hera is a beautiful embodiment of this, and her energy needs to be reclaimed. She is not simply a jealous wife. She is not merely left to endure the indiscretions of her husband. These elements are there, but she is so much more. She is fully in joy, walking with women into sacred merging continuously. She is also an embodiment of how pain moves us. In her pain, she releases her wrath. Her wrath comes from her beautiful sense of dignity, and her promise to be heard when she has been wronged.

She also symbolizes the ability to endure. She was built to endure, and anything strong that confronts her is matched and overcome. She is the Queen of the Heavens. She is the goddess of overcoming. Overcoming is not glamorous, and her history (written for so long by men) needs to be rewritten. Her endurance also brings forward the space of asking us how we show up as partners, as participants in this world? How do we co-create and collaborate for the bigger picture?

It is for this reason that I am working with Hera and this blessed day. Her endurance and steadfast strength are reminders that we cannot control the cycles of life and death, pain and joy, but we can embrace dignity and mergings and the ability to see as sacred. The fires of Imbolc- help light the way. As above, so below. So mote it be!

Click here for a great resource on Hera

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January Monthly Cards

The monthly cards for January are here: The Lovers and the Lady Alfreda (Justice will Prevail). We dive deep into these cards on the Tea and Tombstones podcast, exploring the themes of sacred reciprocity, underworld initiation, magickal and natural law, karmic residue, and the use of wise counsel to guide and instruct our choices and values. 

We also ask and explore what it means to look at these themes when they are not in vacuum. For instance, how would justice come forward for you right now? How different would it look as opposed to coming forward a year ago? Five years ago?

The Lovers is all about the return, sacred reclaiming and sacred deepening of the wisdom we have gained from the Hierophant. This deepening, awakening, reclaiming allows us to move towards the Chariot, engaging in that which is our calling, that which is ours to behold.

Lady Alfreda is the goddess of wise counsel based on karmic initiations. Everything impacts everything, and when we allow the wisdom of all that has come before to be a teacher, we can join the archetypal history of remembering. You can find the podcast on Itunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more.

Let me know how these cards come forward for you. XOXO




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October Monthly Cards

The monthly cards for October are Judgment and Thanatos, perfect cards for this month, and this time. These cards are also both often misunderstood, and I hope to shed some light on how these cards can be beneficial and beautiful.

Judgement, at its core, is about awakening your sacred service to your higher calling. It is about finding and channeling your freedom from the bondage of anything that holds you down. In the light, Judgement opens us to deeper levels of sensation, allowing interpretation and communication between the self, the spirit, the environment, and others to deepen and become more clear.

Judgement is not merely about rebirth. Rebirth is a beautiful thing, and it is needed on our Fool’s journey, however; Judgement is about recognizing that as we move through the last phases of this cycle we recognize that we cannot carry things that do not serve us. This means that Judgment can also bring about challenge or obstacle, because we are going to have to leave something behind. Judgement is the card that comes after the Sun, the Moon, and the Star. This indicates that as we move forward, we are moving forward with clarity and awakening from both consciousness raising, reflection, and stillness.

Thanatos is the God, or sometimes referred to as the Spirit, of Death. His presence is not about violence or pain. The space that Thanatos holds is simply the clock, or thread, of our lives. There is an end, and when that end comes Thanatos comes and gently takes our spirit to the Underworld. The legend states that he was born as a shard broken from the body of the Goddess of Night, Nyx. His brother, Hypnos is the God of Sleep.

The key message with Thanatos is that his presence is constant, even if, at times it is metaphorical. Death is the counterweight to life. It gives it meaning and purpose. Death motivates us to live, but it also brings intense grief, pain, and loss. Those who are marked by death are never the same. They have come close to the Underworld, to the last, and ultimate threshold.

There is a sweeping similarity with both of these cards, and that is loss. Judgement may not mean loss in the sense of Death, just like Thanatos may not represent a physical death. They both speak to losing and releasing something that has come a long way with us, and given us breadth, has elevated our journey to this moment. They also both speak to transcending and moving past this present moment, although their movement moves in opposite directions.

Judgement takes us closer to the divine, to higher awareness or knowledge, and into forgiveness, love, compassion, and clarity. Thanatos takes us to the Underworld, to the drastic, to the forced or willing release. Thanatos strips us bare. When his energy comes we relinquish power and choice and action. There is no other way. There is only an end that leaves the void for something new. Judgement clothes us in possibility, in new purpose, in a new cycle.

In working with these cards for this month, look to what you are being asked, or forced, to release. Look to what is within a death cycle around you. Tend to your physical body during this process, because your body is the container for all this moving and releasing. It is bound to feel it in some way. For October, see where you are being called to rise in your presence, and also where you are being asked to relinquish presence.

For me, Thanatos and Judgement have greatly shaped some decisions that I have needed to make in terms of presence. They were asking me to be honest, and accept the death cycles where they were stirring in me. Because of that, I have decided to stop doing the monthly zines. I will still be pulling monthly cards, but the zines were starting to take more out of me than they were giving. It was time to release space so that I could more fully focus on the podcast, and courses that I want to create as part of my spiritual council sessions.

I hope that as you embody this card, you find new or reclaimed purpose. I hope your emotions move like a river towards an endless ocean. I hope you have ease and comfort where needed. These cards are quite heavy, so again, take special care to nourish the body with whole foods, medicinal herbs (if you use them), sleep, and support. I was surprised at first how fitting these cards where for the times and month that we are in, but now, I believe and know there is a purpose for their messages. Much love! XOXO

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My Spread Pricing and Why I Don’t Charge Per Hour

I wanted to do and write something a little bit differently today. More specifically, my intention is to show a little bit of my process behind certain aspects of my business. Many, if not most, tarot readers charge based on time spent for the reading. There is nothing wrong with this, but I personally have never liked to charge that way. A big reason why is because of my first reading as the client, not the reader.

I like to charge based on number of cards pulled as opposed to a set price per hour. Time can be a good factor to set the value, but I don’t personally like to be controlled by a timely starting and stopping point.

I went to see a tarot reader long before I knew how to read tarot. To be fair, I had not done my research into the type or reading, or reader, I wanted. I simply had some cash and showed up at a store in Denver. I also had not taken the time to consider what I wanted, and more importantly needed, from my reading. What was the underlying purpose? What would I do with the information given to me? How could I be vulnerable and hear both the good and bad the cards may bring forth? I asked myself none of these question. (I would like to spend a whole post on the etiquette between reader and client, but I digress….)

So I show up at a store, cash in hand, ready for my reading. I asked if anyone was available to read for me. A woman was, and although I do not expect or want an overly fluffy or lovey-dovey reader (that is not my style), this woman was cold and not very friendly. We went to a section of the store, that was separated by nothing more than a divider. This made my walls go up. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted or needed from my reader, but I knew I didn’t want every customer walking by to overhear what I considered, and still do, a sacred conversation.

I told her a little bit about what was going on with me, and she started to pull the cards. And she kept pulling… and pulling…. and pulling. She must have pulled over thirty cards from her deck. I say this not because I question or despise the way another reader works with her cards. (I also want to make it clear that many, if not most readers do not read this way. They are inviting, informative, and value the shared energetic experience.) I did not feel like this reader valued my presence. I say this because the majority of the reading was spent shuffling and looking and shuffling and looking. I could not tell you a single card that was pulled because she didn’t talk very much. The last five minutes of a fifteen-minute reading was spent with her asking a few more questions, and then giving some small suggestions, and that was it.

Those fifteen minutes cost me $20.00, and although I recognize that is not the most expensive reading ever, it was still a lot for me at that time financially. I left feeling overwhelmed, annoyed, and more confused than before. I would have preferred it if she had pulled one card for me and had deeply gone into the meaning of that card, and how it could relate to me and my situation. As a reader, I don’t not believe more is more when it comes to number of cards. As a client, I know it’s not. A couple of years later, when I started developing my website, writing spreads, and determining my prices, I knew that I didn’t want to make anyone as my blessed client feel like they had been overcharged and under-served.

My pricing starts at $10.00 for one card, and goes up in $5.00 increments for each additional card.

But, I wrestled with the way to price my services and my spreads. What was fair to the clients, but still honored and valued the heart and soul I put into my work? I finally decided that I wanted to charge based on cards that I pulled. This means that my one-card readings (still thorough and written with love) are not charged the same way that my five-card reading does. Here are some of the main reasons I decided to charge this way (I feel the need to preface here that this is what works for me and the way I operate as a tarot reader. I am not saying that others who price or charge differently than me are doing it wrong. Different strokes for different folks):

1.) I don’t like being rushed for / by time and numbers: By removing the constraint of time, I personally feel more free to spend as much time as needed going into the messages that I download from each card. By removing the layer of time from my readings, I feel less confined by time.

2.) Discussing the cards from intuition: I could take one hour to discuss one card if my intuition keeps downloading meaningful content. I could take less time with more cards. With no time limit, I feel able to discuss each download clearly and without rush.

3.) Gives you financial options: Because my spreads are based upon the amount of cards I pull, I have many different spread options available on my website. You can choose the spread that works for you and for your budget. As mentioned, I have been in the place where $20.00 was my grocery limit for the week. I believe tarot is medicine, but I also believe it shouldn’t put you in the red. No matter the spread you choose, you will get my soulful intention to provide the best tarot reading I can.

4.) Telecommute makes time commitment harder: Because I do readings exclusively out of my home right now, time commitment to readings is not so black and white. Often, during a reading I pull the cards, write down initial notes by hand, and then take some time (outside, in meditation, or by journaling) to really let my intuition start downloading. It doesn’t always get channeled so immediately. So, I don’t have to start a timer or take note when I started or stopped. This again makes me feel less pressured by time, and more able to just read the cards and write.

5.) Quality over quantity: More cards does not mean a better reading. More time does not mean a better reading. Say it with me: more does not mean better. As I said in my story above, I would have preferred a $20.00 with only one or two cards, as opposed to a reading that had half the deck, and little to no detailed insight from particular cards. One card can really anchor you into clarification, or speak to your needed questions. Throwing down card after card after card may not always provide the most insight.

No matter as a reader, or a client, the main focus is in the value of each energetic experience. If you do not see what you want or need on my website, reach out to me. My prices are set by the cards I pull, but we can collaborate to create something of utility that honors both energy and budgets.
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Hopefully, this provides some clarity to the way my pricing is set on my website. If you have any questions, or if you have a certain price point but don’t see a spread that fully covers your needs, no worries, shoot me an email at and we can get a spread that fits your price point and your needs. Thanks for reading. Much love to you!

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Insight for the Tower

As a tarot reader and tarot student, I find that I gain more insight from books and articles that have nothing to do with tarot knowledge. Sometimes the connection to completely random characters, or different points in time is what makes the understanding of a card stick. I want to share some insight I gained about the Tower from a beautiful book that I am reading right now.

Right now I am reading Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom by John O’ Donohue. This book is a stunning read, and has a lot of insight towards other cards, but one particular passage really stuck out and gave me a deeper understanding of the Tower as teacher:

Often all the possessions we have, the work we do, the beliefs we hold, are manic attempts to fill this opening, but they never stay in place. They always slip, and we are left more vulnerable and exposed than before. A time comes when you know that you can no longer wallpaper this void. Until you really listen to the call of this void, you will remain an inner fugitive, driven from refuge to refuge, always on the run with no place to call home. (O’ Donohue 101)

When I read this passage, I felt like I had the greatest clarity over this card. I mention in my March Newsletter that I don’t read the Tower as this predictive card of bad luck or omens. Why? Because I think that the Tower is here to show something that may be more troubling, but it is perhaps one of the greatest lessons to learn. The passage above is making a reference to understanding the psyche, and how interconnection to home, to landscape, and to nature are ultimately the best healers.

When we engage in small earthly wonders, or even just engaging in the quiet space where our inner self stirs, we are creating a wholesome understanding of who we are and what gifts we have. When we seek outside of ourselves to fill the void of connection, we will always be left searching. The answers are inside of us, but we are often to scared to turn over those rocks and search of the mysteries of ourselves.

The Tower comes to us when we have strayed far from ourselves, and when we have placed vigorous meaning in possessions and situations that are outside of us. These may feed our ego, but they shrink our souls. They rest on the surface like oil, but they make the metaphorical water undrinkable regardless. When we routinely learned how to please the ego, we also learn how to silence the starving soul.

So, with the Tower being our monthly card, take time this month to shed the possessions and choices and people and places that are egocentric. These fill the ego with meaning, but have nothing to offer in terms of deep connection. This can be unpleasant, so don’t forget to feel through this process and this month with the Sea Serpent, keeper of the Second Chakra. Find intimacy, play, pleasures, and creativity. Let these precious spaces help handle the Tower energy.

If you would like to book a reading with me, click on my OFFERINGS tab to see what spreads are currently available. If you would like to read more into my messages from the Tower and the Sea Serpent, you can download my free newsletter under the FREE OFFERINGS tab. I hope this is helpful for you!