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Working on the world, your visions, and yourself

Top (left to right): 3 of Swords, 3 of Pentacles, 3 of Cups. Bottom: 3 of Wands

The 3 of Wands is all about stepping into your present to forge your future. This means that you need to merge yourself with the larger energies also present. It is fair to say this is not an easy task when in creation. It can be easy to look on others both close to you or distant and see where their lives have stacked up in a way yours might not have yet. This is something that we often see talked about with social media. We should remind ourselves that what we see is a highlight reel, and not always demonstrative of someone else’s life as whole.

While this is a great point to make, it can be hard to times to remind ourselves of that when we are feeling buried under the weight of what we think must or should do to improve our lives, and the world. In order to engage with the world, work on the world, make a mark on the world, we must also engage with ourselves, work on ourselves, make a mark on ourselves.

For this reason, I think it is important to be reminded of the fact that in the traditional Rider-Waite Smith deck (and even here in my deck: the Ostara Tarot), the 3 of Wands is the only three to show a solitary figure. The 3 of Swords shows no figure, just a heart pierced through and through (worthy of its own post). This correlation shows that the 3 of Wands is often an isolated undertaking. The figure goes from the looking out of his balcony, to being in the action, adorned with a new vision, a new wand, new clothing, and a new headpiece.

So, what does this all mean? I think it means that when it comes to engaging your visions, making your mark on the world, and finding yourself in the process you have to remove the noise from others. That does not necessarily mean that you cannot heed any advice from someone you trust, nor does it mean you cannot ask for help when needed. What it does mean though is that at the end of the day, you have to rely on yourself and your skills. You have to be willing to trust in yourself, and when needed, to remove yourself from the constant chatter of society at large. The dialog with and from others is extremely important, but if it leaves us doubting and questioning the work that we do, it can lead to becoming a very toxic conversation.

Because the 3 of Wands is the card of the month, seek to deepen your own understandings of what is workable and do-able for you and your place in the world by creating some intentional silence. Work on what it is you want to see happen and remove your eyes from the google page to see if it has been done before, unless you looking to research, check facts, or give credit where credit is due. Work on your visions by acting as if you are in a relationship with them, because you are. Give them time to develop into something wonderful, or something no longer worth the effort. Trust that your needs can fit in there without too much force, and when needed your basic needs must come first from time to time. Work on the world by letting that silence be an invitation to listen to what the world needs. Let the work for the world be a resounding drum that comes from your own beating heart. At the end of the day, you and only you, can create your visions into something tangible and external. Only you can create that which you seek.

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Card Comparison: The Emperor

The Two Emperors: Ostara tarot and the Wild Unknown

There are many things that move across the cards, particularly the Major Arcana, like a wave, no matter the image. This bloodline of understanding, symbolism, or definition comes from the archetype, the held knowledge of numbers and namesakes.

The Emperor is no different. When the word EMPEROR is said, each one of us can visualize something. He or she may look different. The kingdom may hold different colors and material grandeur. But, the general understanding of an Emperor is a ruler who stands alone. He is the beacon of order for all that he rules.

It is because of this general understanding that the Emperor is often given a fierce and authoritative connotation. In this post, we will not be looking so much at the card definition and attributes. If you would like to read my interpretation of the Emperor please click here to go to my interpretations of the Wild Unknown card meanings. You will find the Emperor, as well as all the cards that I have thus far written a personal interpretation for.

In this post, we will be taking time to look at the Emperor across the two decks that I own: the Wild Unknown tarot and the Ostara tarot. These two cards will be examined and shed light on the nuance that they bring to the interpretations of the Emperor.


Starting from left to right, we have the Emperor from the Ostara tarot. Unlike many other decks that depict the Emperor as a wise or authoritative older man, here the Emperor is young. He wears not a crown of gold or jewels, but two horns that symbolize his dominion over the natural earth. He is of both worlds, showing that he can understand the rule of law and the laws of nature.

These combined together can create balance in the physical fabric of the world. His youth means that he has vigor, and he does not rely on others to to uphold or protect those whom he serves. His gaze is off in the distance, showing that his vision is on the horizon, far off in the distance. The symbols on his body show that he is also mysterious, something seen hardly at all in other decks. In fact, the directness of other decks (which we will see in the Wild Unknown) is the antithesis of mystery. But these symbols as part of his physical body means that he is learned in other languages, ones that may unlock other mysteries that can serve and protect. He has taken the time and embodied the learning the different languages that are part of his world.

He also does not depict a foreboding or fierce figure. He seems gentle, a little wild or mischievous perhaps, but his face is beautiful and soft. As a counterpart to the Empress, he also holds the a childlike whimsy to create and protect the world that he is a part of.


The Emperor in the Wild Unknown is depicted as a large tree. The size of the tree emphasizes age and time. A tree that big has been around for a long time. This sticks with the more traditional definition of Emperor as one with the benefit of experience because of age and time. Behind the Emperor is a brilliant, fiery sun, which may be the crown of the natural world.

With this brilliance comes clarity of vision, and fire for action. In this deck, the Emperor as a tree speaks to action in terms of giving. At this size, he acts like one of many lungs for the planet, taking in loads of carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Trees this size create a canopy for the sky, and a network for the soil. They are a home for the fauna, shade for the weary, and a beacon for the lost.

The Emperor is depicted in only one color. He is stark black, resembling his stark nature, perhaps a little harsh and direct, but beautiful and giving nonetheless. There is also a notion of simplicity with this card, which is very different from the other Emperor. The symbols that adorned the Emperor’s body speak to a complicated understanding of different languages and symbolism in this world. Here, the Emperor is much more simplistic. He is there, front and center. He is visible, giving, nurturing, but also abrupt in palate to some.


There you have two different images for the Emperor. I hope these comparisons help show how the image brings nuance and layers to the knowledge of the cards. Please let me know how these, or other images of the Emperor resonate with you. Much love.


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Power Words for 2018

power words spread


Sometimes the best ideas are not ours. I was recently watching a YouTube video by Kelly-Ann Maddox, a tarot reader who I truly admire. She mentioned in her video that she uses power words to plan the year ahead. This immediately struck a cord with me. I organize in the present, but I have never been the best as scheduling and planning months down the road. I am most often found in the moment, organically moving through my circumstances. But I like the idea. I like the idea of trying to organize future thoughts into words, into power words. A schedule is hard to keep, but a word can be carried right in the back of my throat with no extra weight.

I chose three words as my power words: speak, protect, and navigate. I chose these words because they are words that I need the most. I need oomph in these areas. Using words that resonate power often means attaining power, finding what we need more of, or what is a current weakness that we need to overcome. I wanted to feel the rushing blood of purpose. With these words, I can prospect the hills and inside the skeleton of my own mountain to find that rich vein.

The first word is speak. This may seem odd because words are my first love. Writing is a worn fingerprint I gladly carry. I can say anything confidently when I write. Over the last couple of years though, speaking has been a much harder gem to mine. My throat has been barren, untouched by the choir of water. There were times that my speech would have provided the other two words: protection and navigation. Recently, there have been times where tensions arose and I subdued my opinion for civility. I kept silent over matters that were hurtful. My speech may not have affected the outcome, but it would have provided me an integral asset to myself, a foundation to stand on. My speech may not have subdued the tension, but it would have meant that I spoke my truth.

For this word, I chose the 5 of Swords. In the picture, there are five swords against a worm. This seems unnecessary. A worm is the totem creature for helplessness. They cannot see, and they cannot hear. They have no real defenses, save one. Sever the worm, and it still lives. This single, unassuming defense has rendered the sword useless. The slash hurt, but it did not kill. The worm will continue to move and live. I chose this card because standing up and speaking many times does not change the outcome. People will still question and think what they want, no matter the words of truth you give. But their words have fallen useless too. They cannot decimate, if my defense is to speak as well. Much like the worm, taking the words of others can hurt, but it doesn’t have to be the end. Going forward, I will choose to speak when needed. Not out of malice will I chose my words, but through courage. Courage to face a defense that may seem threatening. I will take a side, and believe in the defense of my words.

The second word is protect. This leaps off of the action of speaking. By speaking, I protect my core. I stand with and for myself. Protection is not hiding in the hole, hoping no one finds you. Protection is facing the threat, knowing exactly what I fear and why. Threats can affect our goals, and our desires. If we let that gray water (those that know this horror movie reference are awesome) into our mouths, we cannot fulfill our journey. Protecting ourselves means that down the road, we can have success.

There is perhaps no better picture in my deck than the Mother of Wands. Tucked around her eggs, the Mother of Wands is vigilant, ready to defend, and always protecting what is precious to her. Her eggs are the metaphor of manifestation. They are the embodiment of her light. What we manifest, or seek to create, is so precious to us that we must also be vigilant in protecting these fragile dreams. I chose protect because, much like the mother, protection means presence. It means to be and know what you stand for, despite all the threats that come. I have not always held the word with such reverence. For a while I was mute, unsure of what I wanted. Now I know better who I am and what I need. Protecting that light is key to fulfilling our highest selves.

The final word that I chose is navigate. As I mentioned before, over the last couple of years I have felt like I have been floating in a life raft, out of immediate danger, but not going anywhere. There was no direction. In fact, there was a lot of times where my time was filled with TV, unhealthy food, and a lack of books or conversation. I am not saying to kill your (or my) television. I am not saying that fast food now and then isn’t needed. But what is not needed is the void. The void where there is movement, but no direction.

For this word, I chose the 6 of Swords. The 6 of Swords is the travel to a new destination out of necessity. If we are not thriving were we are, and if nothing changes, we cannot effectively navigate our future. We cannot see through the storm if we stay beneath it. We must move. Navigation is the gateway to growth and new curiosity. Now, I am ready for school and am pointing myself in a new direction, much to the tarot’s credit. I am excited, not anxious. I am filling myself up with words and songs, instead of draining through emptiness. Navigation means there is much to look forward too, but only if we navigate ourselves onto the right path.

Again, I first got this idea from Kelly-Ann Maddox. Please go and check her out. Her content is amazing, and she has been a source of my inspiration and motivation. If you are like me, and planning and scheduling is not a great fit, pick a few words. Write them down. Place them in your pocket, in your wallet, or near your sacred space. Choose words that you need more of in your life. What do you need some power in? What words hold that power? These are mine, and I will hold them carefully as I traipse through 2018.

**Thank you for reading. Please let me know what words are your powers words. If you would like a personal tarot reading, please look to my options and email me at Stay wild howlers!**

Tarot cards by The Wild Unknown. Click here to find this tarot deck for purchase. (This is not an affiliate link)


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Card of the week: Reversed Ace of Wands

ace of wands reversed

“An altar dignifying the god of chance. / What is beautiful it cautions, / Is found accidentally and not sought after. / What is beautiful is easily lost.” ~ The Altar Charles Simic

Last week we were forced to bring ourselves into awareness that the mental cycles we were carrying were only crippling us. We had to surrender our damaged ego into the deluge, and recognize the mental plateaus that bound us into circles. While hard, the beauty in letting go is that we can delete old processes to make way for new possibilities that stem from deep inside our inner chasms

The reversed Ave of Wands lets us know that this is week that new dreams will start to germinate. New creative ambitions are possible, and we can start to envision the vast growth about to take place. Being forced to remove our jaded mental ideas reminds us that sometimes when we are forced into something it is exactly what we need to move forward. The card shows a small black wand, with white flowers blooming. The border is fiery, full of tiny vibrant rivers. This is a reminder that the color inside of us must come from within. The river must start in our internal high ground. From there it will collect and find the cliff, where we act on and cherish this internal spectacle. It is only inside of us that we can find a source to harbor such a positive rage.

Inspiration: Using Images as Writing Prompts | Tea with Tumnus - awesome post

In the light, the reversed Ace of Wands speaks to the internal dreams and poetry we never stop creating. Soon, a sonnet will come out and speak the syllables of the path we are meant to wander on. Here, we can see our intentions siphon out what will or won’t work for us. In this internal space, there is no judgment. There is only constant creation and tender migrations. We can only find the source of water once we instinctively know where to go.

In the shadow, this card embodies the internal cliché of putting your cart before your horse. It is beautiful to dream big, and imagine the reservoir as an ocean. But we must remain present and pragmatic in our planning. We cannot work with what we do not have. It can be detrimental to place such huge expectations on something that is just starting to take shape.

I feel like this and giving up..

For this week, dream hard for what and where you want to be. Let your mind harbor any ship that seeks a certain destination, then plan on how to get there if that is where you need to go. Do not be afraid to seek a treasure, just be ready to face a storm.


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Tarot card is from The Wild Unknown tarot deck. Click here to go to the website for this deck, and the whole collection from The Wild Unknown. (This is not an affiliate link)

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Card of the week: 6 of Wands

6 of wands

“Our share of night to bear,
Our share of morning,
Our blank in bliss to fill,
Our blank in scorning.
Here a star, and there a star,
Some lose their way.
Here a mist, and there a mist
Afterwards ~ day!” Emily Dickinson II

The world did not stop for us to tune into our High Priestess last week. Many public and, I am assuming, personal entanglements could have occurred for each of us between these two Mondays. Nor will the world stop. That does not mean the energy investing into the intuition and the inner self are wasted. On the contrary, by connecting and weaving ourselves together, to be more whole, we are now more prepared for the vapors that pull up from the dark hole. By pulling ourselves out of the vacuum and cultivating our passions and intentions, we can now assess new situations with flexible, maneuvering hands.

With those tools, we can now communicate to ourselves or others how to approach our circumstances with both our head and our heart. Pragmatism and flexibility are key this week. It may be an endless list of tasks, or something larger or harder to conquer. Whatever that beast is, for this week we need to move and adapt.

It may seem like there is so much to get upset by. Strike that. There IS so much to get upset or enraged at. For this week focus on passions, causes, personal growth, anything that you hold tenderly in a well- lit window of your making. Take that small flame and find another. Give it life. Burn it hotter, bigger, and brighter. It does not have to be some large-scale global cause. It can be a small as choosing new words towards someone else. It could seem as insignificant as a meal, or anything that satisfies you. Find a new way to solve an old problem.

Evolution takes time. But what about the daily evolving we can blossom from a conversation, a song, a break from a buzzing society that never has its fill? I think the 6 of wands speaks to that evolution. For this week, we should try to twist ourselves out of the debris, public or personal. How can we each actively listen and pursue our way into a freer space.

This could include anything that helps you. I find my best tool is journaling. In my journals I can erase and redo myself over and over again. I can have conversations (both with real and fictitious figures) I would never have in my public life. I still say what I mean when I do finally have some of those conversations, but I can say it without pride, doubt, or illusions in my way.

Any way to move in sync with the waves that hold you is moving forward. If there is an obstacle, now is the moment to push through it. As I said before, the world did not stop for those of us who feel the vibrations and pings more deeply. That does not mean we can’t catch up and shake the cage to let the leopard of intent free.


**Thank you for reading. Please comment and let me know how the 6 of Wands manifests for you. If you would like a personal reading, please email me at Stay weird!

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Card of the week: Reversed 2 of Wands

Reversed 2 of wands.jpg

I am so sorry that this post is coming to you late. I had a lot to finish up last night with another project and I crashed hard. But we return to the 2 of wands, now reversed. Some of that energy has resurfaced in our little nests. In fact, some of this momentum is, in some ways, similar to the card from the previous week, the Daughter of Swords. That card drew on our immature, inexperienced, but honest impulses and possibilities. This card also pulls at our ripening chances.

There could be some lingering doubts or reservations towards what we are drawn to, and how it could manifest. When this card was upright there was intrigue and stamina. There was a culmination in ourselves of all that we can make happen. Use this card, in this position to be mindful. Do not put your vision into one target. Open your eyes to both good and bad happenings, even if you are unsure of your next move.

Being unsure can bring more negativity, or, if you are like me, anxiety. This is how I tend to handle my insecurities. I get anxious, even though I know by now that this does nothing for me. But I withdraw deep down inside of myself, and I do not see or seize opportunities. I block out as many external factors as I can. That is now a new priority for me, to find a way to move through unknown or hard situations with priority and purpose.

For this week, find what grounds you. There may be a lot of ups, downs, or surprises. There may be unknown spaces that could be yours, if you find the strength to claim them. Hold yourself like a storm. Grow out of your space. You were meant for more than one small corner in this world.


Some further tips:

  • Some good stones to work with either on an altar, in a pocket, or worn are citrine and fluorite.
  • Almond, and pennyroyal can help encourage stamina and energy. Any citrus scent is also a good choice
  • alligator-1024 The alligator and crocodile are a good spirit animal for this week. These prehistoric beauties are the poster child for resilience. They are strong on land, and in water. They are an unbreakable force that keeps moving.


Thank you for reading!! Please comment if this card, or anything on this topic speaks to you. I would love to hear your thoughts. If you feel inclined, hit Follow. If you would like information about tarot card readings either in person, or online, please email me at



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Card of the week: 2 of Wands

2 of Wands.jpg

The last few weeks have gone through extreme energy. First there was the fight, and then the pain. Now the energy is restored, but hushed, a small window open to let in the noiseless night. This week the energy is charged from within, bringing together the duality of energy and patience.

On one hand this card speaks to awareness. The spirit of the Wands creates a consciousness that is passionate and determined. On the other hand, this card speaks to discovery and restrictions. This week the energy is fine-tuning and whittling the ideas towards success and enterprise, but haste will not serve this process. Haste creates emotional conflicts.

Right now, and for the rest of the week, clarity will see projects and conversations through, both with yourself and others. The energy is brimming with good intentions and a will to see it through. But putting more and more and more energy into something does not always make it manifest faster.

This is the week to dig in deep, and keep strong. The energy of loss and melancholy has gone, but there will be more days and weeks like that. There will be times where it does not seem like an idea, an action, or even yourself are good enough and cannot keep up. But these statements are false. This is the week to turn pain into a new journey.

This is not a card about final destinations, or about treasure in gold or prophecies. This is the card that breaks open ability, and helps to find the center between intention and action. This week, bring action to your thoughts and passions. You may not see the results soon, and some choices may never get a return. Do not be restless, or continuously search around the same dotted X. Find a new place to dig.


Some further tips:

Scents: Sage, Bayberry, Basil

Stones: Jade or Peridot

Animal Spirits: Antelopeantelope

Don’t forget to hit FOLLOW, and please leave any comments or questions. If you would like a tarot card reading, please email me at


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Card of the week: Reversed 6 of Wands



I am sorry that I did not post last week with a card to focus on. Last week I had to take some time to focus on some work issues that have been causing me some stress. This post may be coming late into the evening, but it is here. This is card, in this position, brings some upheaval, but like the picture we can break through the fray.

On the surface, this card challenges us to take a step back, to adjust. The emotional turbulence right now is as strong as gravity, and can fit into something as small as a conversation. The energy is beseeching each person to find victories, but there are setbacks.

On a personal level, this card speaks to the potential delays. Perhaps more frustrating is that many of these delays are not ours to control. It is a hard fact that despite trying to be mindful and cooperative, we can leave ourselves open to a forceful strike, even friendly fire. We keep fighting, trying to set things right, but outcome is not hinged on one person alone.

In this space it can betray our intentions, and our energy. This card makes us channel the hours, words, and creative energy we have spent working towards singular and collective success, and weighs it against our self- image and even perhaps our self- worth. Do not let this be a deterrant. We cannot control others, but we can control how we respond. We can detach from the situation, we can focus on the other things around us that we can control. We can keep putting positive energy out, if it only is for the fact that we don’t want to be negative.

This card does seem to be an affirmation that we can only do what we can do. Keep doing it. If there is a delay, find ways to still be creative. If there is a conflict, seek fairness, but do not undo your strands of integrity. Never let anyone or anything keep you away from your momentum. Breathe. Breathe again.

Here are some further tips:

Scents: Ylang- Ylang, Jasmine, Eucalyptus

Colors: Pink and green

Stones: Jade and Aquamarine

Spirit animals:


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Card of the Week: 10 of Wands



And every demon wants his pound of flesh

But I like to keep some things to myself

I like to keep my issues drawn

It’s always darkest before the dawn ~ Florence + the Machine

This week the energy is hung with hard work and accomplishments. Goals are stitched from the fabric of the daily grind and the discipline to keep going, but it still may not seem like the time to celebrate. This is the card that represents the climb we make to see the view. Once there we must shake the sweat and move again. We cannot stay.

This is the card that speaks to challenges and sacrifices. Neither is easy, but both are needed. The battles that are worth fighting for, will be the hardest ones to win. Other things will have to be handed back, but once the battle is won, life will never be the same. The victory will be sweet and transformative. New challenges will come, but this means new victories, and new goals.

This does not mean that each of us is at odds with our relationships, our jobs, our communities, or our world. This is not completely a tale of woe. It could mean that the load has fallen mostly on those willing, and others pick up the small pieces that were dropped in the effort to never let go. Don’t be either. Don’t be the person that is clenching tightly to responsibilities, and don’t be the person who idles behind. Above all, do not hold onto pride. If help can be given, give it. If help is needed, ask for it.

Obviously this card has a multitude of meaning. Depending on where it falls in a single reading, the meaning can change. For this week, this card shows us that with our goals and creative endeavors being met means that there is now more work. If this means weeks or hours, apply the same amount of work that is going to give balance. Let go of some of the burdens, but keep your spirits.

Tens are about completion, and new structures. Don’t be afraid to shed some responsibilities, people, or the status quo. We are not here to do all the work, but we are also not here to neglect the challenges to change us. I hope this reveals some things for the week ahead. Stay fearless!

Some further tips:

Colors: Red

Stones: Quartz and Jade

Spirit Animals: