Be an Unstoppable Force


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You have everything within you to face the thunder….

This spread was written to awaken the energies within and around. Even in the midst of trouble, chaos, shadow, or fear there are palpable energies that exist within you to handle everything that crosses your path. With this spread, you will be invited to use the messages that come forth to help promote growth, find flexibility, lessen burdens, and so much more. There is a multitude of layers present in all situations. The ones that present a challenge or impose an obstacle can leave the layers feeling blurred, permeating a sense of overwhelming confusion, ambivalence, or discomfort. If you are seeking to understand to a specific situation that is causing you to pause, or is hindering your forward trajectory, this spread will tap into those layers to help you create an unstoppable pace.

This spread comes with a approximate 2000 word document, pictures of your spread, personally-created handouts, and a free manifestation package (US only).



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