Be an Unstoppable Force


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This spread is meant to tackle the here and now. By providing an honest examination of what is currently pushing you into the headwinds, you can find flight. This is a spread meant to tap into what is pushing on the boundaries of expectations or identities. You can move from here. You have everything in you to thrive in the thunder. This spread comes with a approximate 2000 word document, pictures of your spread, personally-created handouts, and a free manifestation package (US only).


1.) Where is the hurt, and how can you navigate it?

2.) Where is the rage, and how can you harmonize with it?

3.) Where is the lesson, and how can you claim it?

4.) What were your expectations before this experience, and how can you compromise?

5.) What is present in this experience, and how can you work with it?

6.) What is potentially clouding this experience, and how can you grow from it?

7.) Where can I positive wellness and become more inclusive within myself?

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