Finding Forgiveness


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“Can you ever really forgive if you can’t forget” ~ Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)

The ability to forgive is one of the most defining acts of the human condition. Forgiveness is finding a way to heal, but often the act of forgiveness is more for you (the forgiver) than the one that needs to be forgiven. Only you can decide when and where you enact this brave action; this spread is meant to help accompany you on the path of forgiveness.

This spread is inspired by the 4 Stages of Forgiveness by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Her book Women Who Run With the Wolves, and the chapter “Marking Territory: The Boundaries of Rage and Forgiveness” is full of stories, symbolism and prose on how to forgive. I wrote this spread, inspired from that chapter, because it really struck me how the forgiveness is a process, and an act that you can only initiate when you are clearly ready.

You will receive a document of approximately 1500 words about your spread, pictures of your spread, personally-created handouts, and a free manifestation package (US only), if you choose

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