Finding the Clear Path


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If you are wanting a spread to cover all your energetic bases, this is the spread for you. It was written at a time when I needed one spread to cover and open the discussion for all my energetic needs, everything from the strength I hold to the superficial or trivial shiny object I was losing my focus on. 

In order to find the clear path and charge forward resiliently in the day-to-day, there needs to be an understanding and comprehension of how the web is connected. If you feel like you know where your path is going at times, and then minutes or moments later feel a sense of overwhelming confusion or distraction, this spread is for you. By finding the clear path you begin the hardest part, which is bringing all energies into communal discussion so an outline or game-plan can be formed. 

This reading includes a 2,000- 2,500 word document, pictures of your cards, handouts written by me to further your investigative journey with your cards, and a free manifestation package (US only), if you choose. 

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