Guidance from the Dragonfae


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This spread utilizes the deck the Oracle of the Dragonfae plus 2 tarot cards. The Dragonfae deck presents deep forces and temperaments. These can be of service to help tap into the energies that may feel somewhat out of reach, because these characters exist beyond the veil. They inhabit a space of dreamlike, wild enterprises that are completely rooted in elemental sustenance. This spread will help draw out some guidance through transparency, will highlight where your personal ownership and action can begin, and will reveal what is being heightened within yourself through Dragonfae presence. If you are looking for a spread that will pull out some honest messages that will help move you on your hinge, this is the one for you! This spread comes with word document of your cards (approximately 1500 words), pictures of your cards, personally-created handouts, and a free manifestation package (US only).


1.)    Oracle of the Dragonfae card: Guidance and transparency from the Dragonfae, helping to highlight what is being called to attention or embodiment

2.)    Ownership and action. This card pinpoints where you are on the hinge, and how you can pivot.

3.)    The heightened energy that is a direct message from the Dragonfae card. This taps in where the Dragonfae can center or root into your sacred space.

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