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Relationships are one of the hardest and most beautiful journeys we walk in life. This includes relationships with romantic partners, platonic relationships with friends, acquaintances, or coworkers. Also included is the complex relationship of family, or the pivotal relationship with the self. Relationships can be such a large part of the personal energy orbit, that they deserve space for a creative and rich analysis.

This spread is a great option if you wish to go deeper into your energy regarding a relationship. It is obvious that no one can change another person. What can be done is to approach any relationship with a willingness to be honest, vulnerable, and whole-hearted.  The spread positions, listed below, are meant to provide honest suggestions for you to approach and reflect on the space you hold in this relationship. It is meant to open the energies in a way that inspire growth for you, and therefore the relationship as well. This spread is encouraging an integral new narrative or building upon an already strong foundation.


1.)    Where are your gifts of giving in this relationship?

2.)    What are your needs of taking, or where are (or should) the provisions be for you?

3.)    What energy needs your honesty?

4.)    What is the energetic statement of boundaries?

5.)    What is something that needs to be released?

6.)    What energy needs attention, or an intention?


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