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Those who truly are the champion of their journeys know that each moment, each situation produces an opportunity for growth and learning. Champions meet their stressors head on, mindfully and intentionally. If you let stress be the ruler in your life, you will constantly be fighting an uphill battle. You will be spending all your energetic currency on trying to get rid of stress, that little to nothing is left over for growth, peace, and joy.

Stress truly is apparent and palpable in our modern lives, but it does not have to the judge and jury. Stress can hinder, prevent, or dictate the trajectory of life, and the excitement within. It is through our force of will, intentions, and incredible resilience that we can meet stress, work through it, and transform it. Through actions and intentions, you can take control over stress, and your life.

This 5-card spread is dedicated and devoted to taking control over all aspects of your life, including the moments or triggers that bring in the stress response. We always have control over our lives, if no every situation, then at least how we react to each situation. In our discussion, we will be talk about your stressors, and then use the cards to mindfully meet those stressors. This spread will come as an email with an attached word document, including pictures of your cards. You will also receive personally created handouts to help this spread sustain after our time together. Please make sure you read through my Policies and Code of Ethics before purchase. Click here to be redirected to that page. 

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