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The famous saying by Lao Tzu states that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This is true, but it some ways, that single step can set the tone for that long journey. The beginning of anything can feel like the hardest part. The space for starting can feel like an intense mixture of excitement and anxiety.

If you are starting something, and are feeling overwhelmed by this single step of starting, I offer this spread to you. It is a spread specifically written for the first step, and creating the space for starting. This spread taps into the energies that present, but need to be harnessed with more control and vision. This spread was written to create an outline and define some of this exciting, but intense energy. Utilize this spread (and the message that come through from the tarot) to narrow down the focus, and begin your magnificent journey. 

This spread comes with an emailed word document (approximately 1,750-2,000 words), pictures of your spread, handouts created by me for your unique prospering and connection to your spread, and a free manifestation package if you choose (US only).



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