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If you are looking to start something, but have felt either fear or lack of motivation to begin, this spread is for you. To begin anything is astounding, but it may not feel that way. This spread goes into the narrative of your personal starting point, how it has culminated within you to get to here, and what it can offer you going even further. This spread comes with an emailed word document (approximately 1,750-2,000 words), pictures of your spread, handouts created by me for your unique prospering and connection to your spread, and a free manifestation package if you choose (US only).


1.) What within you needs to begin the process of starting / becoming, but it being hindered in some way? (Internal initiation)

2.)What preparations, brainstorming, or needed details still need to be worked through? (Internal clarity)

3.) A possible place to start? (External beginning)

4.) What is this first step potentially offering? (External invitation)

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