What’s Next?


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Have you recently emerged from some sort of transition? Are you looking to see what is in store for you going forward? This spread is specifically designed to tap into the progression of your narrative that comes from one chapter closing. These transitions can be large or small, there is no hierarchy. In this spread we will use the cards to check in and ground with the current state of your narrative, tap into some potential forces coming in, and open to the possibilities of embodiment through both power and vulnerability. This spread comes with a word document detailing each card, a free manifestation package (US only), personally-created handouts to deepen your personal insight with your cards, and pictures of your spread and card images.



1.)    Current state?

2.)    How to ground into this state?

3.)    What is the next step?

4.)    What is the connection between you in your current state, and you in your previous state?

5.)    How can you embody this step going forward?

6.)    Your power card?

7.)    Your vulnerability card?

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