A Peek into the Shadow


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Witness is the first step

Pull back the curtain…

Take a moment to look at the shadow within 


Renowned tarot teacher and best-selling author Sasha Graham says about the shadow, “The shadow is needed now more than ever. We heal the world when we heal ourselves, and hope shines brightest when it illuminates the dark.” This quote beautifully highlights the scope of shadow work, the light at the end of the tunnel. Shadow work is approaching the totality of who you are, all that you are, with a courageous heart and, at times, a thick skin. It is bringing back into the light pieces and parts of you that have been placed on a dark shelf, away from immediate consideration. However, even in this deep, intimate, and darkened place, it is still alive, patiently waiting for you to return and reclaim it. 


 In this 3-card spread, we will open and shine light on the shadow. We will peer together into something on the darkened shelf within that yearns to come forward. This spread gets to the heart of the shadow, offering up insight of what part of the shadow needs to be reclaimed and worked with, and the steps going forward after this honest glance. This spread will open the conversation, reveal some honest truths for integration, and open the way of merging this beautiful part of you. 


I recommend this tarot spread if…..

  • You want a slow, straightforward introduction into shadow work, or you have worked with the shadow deeply and want a gentle check-in. 
  • You feel a disjointed aspect within, but you are not sure of what this energy is, what it speaks to, or how to start the process of reclamation.
  • You want some truth and honesty, and sometimes it helps to have it come from a neutral party and a tool like tarot and oracle.
  • You need some encouragement, compassion, maybe tough love, companionship, resources, and tools going forward on this journey
  • You need some witness given to you as you give witness to self


How you will receive this spread:

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