A Peek into the Shadow


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This spread is meant to be a brief introduction into shadow working, dipping your toes in if you will. Confronting the shadow is not easy. It is not something to say or do flippantly. If you aren’t ready for a full immersion into the shadow side of yourself, no problem. This is a great introductory spread, allowing you access to deeper understanding while standing on the shores of the psyche. It allows you to acknowledge what needs to be witnessed from shadow, but doesn’t dwell in this shadowed space for long.

Please make sure that you read through my Policies and Code of Ethics page before booking a reading with me. Click here to be directed to that page.

This spread is 3 cards, and will come with a detailed word document, including pictures of your cards. You will also receive handouts to help the reading sustain and unfold over a period of time.

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